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The new TV offer for you and your SME

Swisscom TV Public - the digital TV for public performance

With Swisscom TV Public, spoil your guests, customers and employees with thrilling entertainment, including football and ice hockey matches, films, cartoons and news from the regular programming of over 250 TV channels. You can even show it on multiple screens with a diagonal measurement of up to 3m.

For example...

...for bars and restaurants

Public viewing for bars, cafés and restaurants has never been this easy: celebrate along with your guests when the best goals are scored.


...for recreation rooms


Let your employees experience the big events. Foster teamwork in your recreation room.


...for waiting rooms


Entertainment while you wait: surprise your customers with great entertainment and make the wait as pleasant as possible.

Swisscom TV Public is available in the flexibly configurable inONESME office paket.

Other benefits of Swisscom TV Public


More than 250 channels ensure something for everyone.

Swisscom TV Public offers you the top choice for your customers: with more than 250 channels you can cover every possible interest in more than three dozen languages. Enjoy more than 110 channels in crystal-clear HD quality. The number of channels is constantly expanding.

Multi Display

Watch the same programme on several screens.

Swisscom TV Public lets you show the same programme on several screens at the same time. All with one remote control. So you still manage the programmes you show, even if the screens are in different rooms. You need additional equipment for this. Your Swisscom partner is happy to advise you.


Different programmes on several screens.

With a Swisscom TV subscription, you can use up to five TV boxes to show up to five different TV channels on different devices at the same time. The TV boxes can be used in the same room or in different rooms.

Ultra HD

Television has never been so outstanding.

Television that feels live: the new Swisscom TV Public offers you even more realistic pictures, richer colours and sharper contrasts. Swisscom TV Public with UHD offers four times better picture quality than Full HD.


More than 200 stations in digital quality.

Listen to your favourite radio channel in digital quality with Swisscom TV. Choose between more than 200 channels. The free vTuner app also gives you access to more than 25,000 Internet radio channels.


Manage my radio channels

Easy to use

TV that listens to you.

It's so easy to use Swisscom TV Public, you won't want to let anyone else get their hands on the remote control. Zapping between channels takes a fraction of a second and now you can even talk to Swisscom TV thanks to Voice Search.

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