The benchmark analysis of your ICT environment

Identify potential for optimisation and areas for action within your IT system. A professional assessment of your ICT environment by specialist teams of experts helps you to maximise the potential of your existing ICT solution. Increase your SME’s productivity in a targeted manner with minimal effort and expense.

As an SME, you operate a range of different IT and communication solutions. As the possibilities offered by technology increase, so too does the complexity. Managing your IT solutions is an increasingly involved process. The demands of your customers and employees on the systems are also growing. It therefore makes sense to regularly optimise the IT environment to ensure you are getting the most out of it.


In our ICT-Assessment, we conduct a comprehensive 360-degree analysis to evaluate your existing IT and system landscape. In addition to the technology and infrastructure, we also analyse areas such as security, regulations, authorisations and licences to give you an in-depth benchmark analysis that identifies potential for optimisation as well as risks.


Make the most of our ICT consulting and align your SME with the evolving needs of your business, thus enhancing your security and increasing your efficiency.

Your benefits

Improve your capital expenditure planning with an independent, comprehensive benchmark analysis

Access latest market-proven expertise from our experienced team of experts

Obtain a clear basis for decision making, allowing the targeted and efficient deployment of resources

When is it the right solution?

What are the three biggest challenges of your IT environment? How do you assess the risks arising from your IT infrastructure? Do you have strategies and contingency plans in place for a range of different scenarios?

The ICT-Assessment creates the basis for future-proofing your IT systems and clarifying unanswered questions. It thus allows you to identify your SME’s vulnerabilities and plug any gaps proactively.


Our IT consulting for businesses will provide you with an independent assessment of your IT system’s maturity, making it easier to predict your future IT needs. This enables more informed decision making and more realistic impact assessments, thus diminishing hidden risks.


Use the ICT-Assessment as the basis for:

  • Hardware and software investment decisions
  • An independent status quo analysis
  • Independent second opinions on your IT infrastructure
  • An overview of the ICT infrastructure in use (inventory)
  • Assessing the ICT system’s future viability and cost effectiveness

What’s in it for you:

  • In-depth analysis of your existing ICT environment
  • Detailed overview of identified risks and potential for optimisation
  • Assessment report with suggested solutions and concrete recommendations

Why Swisscom?

  • A precise picture of the current situation: a 360-degree analysis of all IT areas by a specialist team of experts
  • Technological maturity: a complete, technical on-site evaluation of the infrastructure and system
  • A concrete action plan: identification and evaluation of the individual steps to take

Product overview

Basic package


  • Analysis and comprehensive inventory of your ICT environment
  • Identification of potential for optimisation and risks
  • Detailed assessment report which defines and evaluates the risks
  • Product-independent recommendations


CHF 4200.–

Additional option

Management presentation

  • A customised presentation of the recommendations for your management
  • An in-person presentation and discussion at your premises


CHF 750.–

Get started with the ICT-Assessment


The first step

The first step in increasing your efficiency and security is to identify your ICT environment’s potential and vulnerabilities.


Overview of ICT-Assessment

We analyse these areas

Our team of experts gain an overview on the ground at your premises. In the ICT-Assessment, we focus on the six main aspects of your ICT environment, examining the following questions:


  • What are the dedicated processes?
  • How are responsibilities for the core IT functions defined?
  • Are there contingency plans for business-critical systems?



Strategy and governance


Security and data protection

  • «The ICT-Assessment clearly showed where our ICT ecosystem had the potential for improvement and gave us some practical recommendations to help us collaborate efficiently today and in the future.»  

    Brigitte Pfrunder-Rüttimann, Senior executive, Spitex Hochdorf

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