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Microsoft 365 with Teams – the modern way to work

Microsoft 365 offers far more than Word, Excel and Outlook. It is the ideal cloud solution for companies driving their digitisation forward and promoting mobile working.

How Microsoft 365 simplifies life for SMEs

Teams collaborate more easily and efficiently with Microsoft 365. Instead of saving different document versions, results can be shared on the screen and everyone can work anywhere. Discover more about the benefits of Microsoft 365 for SMEs.


Data protection and security

IT Management

Making time-consuming installation, updates and setups a thing of the past

Modern employers

Flexible and location-independent working


The easy way to exchange ideas

Team work

Say goodbye to versioning and excessive e-mails


Meeting the individual needs of your company

Overview of products and prices

Office applications and services to meet the needs of your business.

Our recommendation:

Microsoft 365 Business Basic

  • Teams
  • Exchange
  • oneDrive
  • Sharepoint
  • Office applications (web and mobile versions only)

Microsoft 365 Business Standard

  • Teams
  • Exchange
  • oneDrive
  • Sharepoint
  • Microsoft Bookings
  • Office applications

Microsoft 365 Business Premium

  • Teams
  • Exchange
  • oneDrive
  • Sharepoint
  • Microsoft Bookings
  • Advanced security
  • Office applications
  • Other services

Microsoft 365 with Swisscom:
reliable support for SMEs

   99.9% availability

We guarantee up to 99.9% availability with Swisscom and Microsoft cloud services.

   Around-the-clock support

If you wish, Swisscom is at your service around the clock: 24/7 support.


   Local and uncomplicated

We ensure efficient activation and data migration on the premises or set up new users or employees for you remotely.

   Standards and data protection

Microsoft 365 complies with international, regional and industrial-specific standards and data protection.

   User support service

Do you have questions about Microsoft 365 apps? We will be happy to assist you.

   Support and training

Take advantage of Swisscom’s Work Smart services and training packages.

The Teams app is at the heart of Microsoft 365. It connects all your Microsoft solutions; as the nerve centre for communication, collaboration and teamwork, it is your SME’s communications platform.

Info package

The info package contains detailed information about Microsoft 365.

Rollout Microsoft Teams successfully across your business

Microsoft Teams is Microsoft 365’s communications hub. What does successful rollout look like and what experiences have companies had?

This is what modern working looks like

  • Working, calling, chatting on your choice of device

    Use Office applications on a wide range of devices, from PCs, Macs and tablets to smartphones. Wherever you are and whatever you want to work on, you can continue working seamlessly on another device.

    Source of product images:

  • Edit documents together

    Whether you're in a remote meeting or simply in different locations, it is easy to work together on the same document, track the changes made by other team members, restore previous version using version controls or lock sections for others if necessary.

  • Chats, meetings and teamwork, all in one place

    Teams connects project teams, organisational teams and working groups virtually, making it easy for all team members to communicate via chat, save group documents centrally in the virtual team and access, share and edit Word, PowerPoint or Excel files in real time. You’ll never do that frantic, searching-for-files thing in a team meeting again.

  • Personal meetings, team meetings and video conferences

    Virtual, personal one-to-one discussions and group meetings Simultaneous chat for exchanging documents and links, with optional video and recording if required, for internal or external participants.

  • Virtual live events

    A straightforward, professional way to organise and run conferences, webinars, employee meetings and presentations for up to 10,000 internal and external participants.

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