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Check legal and security relevant information of your homepage.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulates how personal data is handled in the EU. In strict terms, this only affects websites that also target EU visitors currently. However, with Switzerland currently updating its data protection legislation and expected the follow the EU example, all Swiss SMEs should ensure they have a sound grasp of the data protection requirements affecting their websites now. Non-compliance with GDPR can be assessed and usually implemented very quickly, particularly for websites that can be accessed globally.

Homepage Checker: What do we check on your homepage?

  1. Encryption (https)
    Whether the encrypted https data transmission protocol (SSL certificate) is consistently used for data transmission.
  2. Contact forms
    Whether the homepage contains contact forms or other forms. If so, is the data collected sent in an encrypted form (https://) and is there a privacy policy?
  3. Cookies/Tracking
    Whether and which data is collected from visitors on the homepage and whether you clearly indicate this (on the homepage) to obtain visitor consent (usually as a cookie pop-up or banner).
  4. Imprint
    Whether the imprint obligation for Switzerland is fulfilled.
  5. Online Shop
    We check whether the homepage offers an online shop as this increases the data protection requirements.

GDPR with Swisscom's HomepageTool

If you use Swisscom's HomepageTool, you can benefit from specific functions, templates and assistance to help you comply with the GDPR guidelines. Test it for two months for free and see for yourself!

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