DD Consulting

“Substantially lower costs and a sophisticated solution: our ICT infrastructure has arrived in the third millennium!”

Max Enz, managing director, DD Consulting AG

More time for productive project work for DD Consulting

Max Enz is managing director of DD Consulting AG. DD Consulting develops innovative digital information and documentation systems for large plants such as waste incineration plants and power plants. To this end, it requires robust, high-performance IT and telephony systems.

The challenge: maximum data security

The paper-based documentation of such large-scale plants is often very extensive and contains highly sensitive customer data. Under the old infrastructure, storing data in folders was extremely time-consuming. In order that DD Consulting can properly store, process and retrieve data for customers, it needs sophisticated systems.

The result: reduced workload, lower costs and secure operations

Today, DD Consulting stores data not only locally but also georedundantly in Swisscom computer centres. Access via fibre optics provides backup for the mobile network, ensuring that the company can work efficiently without interruption. In addition, the end-to-end ICT package includes Microsoft 365 for all workstations and for effortless document exchange and a VoIP telephony solution.

Product used

Microsoft 365

The complete business solution for more efficient cloud-based collaboration.

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