blue TV Host and Smart Business Connect 

‘This new TV solution is awesome!’ 

Fabian Zurbriggen, owner of the Wellness & Spa Hotel Pirmin Zurbriggen

The story in brief:

A superior four-star hotel like the Wellness & Spa Hotel Pirmin Zurbriggen naturally wants to provide its guests with the finest TV entertainment available. This is why the hotel’s owners, Esther and Fabian Zurbriggen, didn’t hesitate when the area’s new optical fibre access opened up completely new possibilities.  

Pirmin Zurbriggen’s Ski World Cup trophies are still proudly displayed in the bar of the family-owned hotel in the Valais region of Switzerland. Pirmin and his wife Moni managed the hotel until 2000, after which his sister and brother-in-law – Esther and Fabian – took over. They share the family’s entrepreneurial spirit, and have turned their hotel into one of the most popular resorts in the region – not least thanks to its new five-star loft suites. As Fabian Zurbriggen says, ‘In order to be noticed in this popular tourist area, you need to make sure you stand out.’

About the Wellness & Spa Hotel Pirmin Zurbriggen

  • A repeated winner of the ‘Best Nice Price Holiday Hotel in Switzerland’ award 
  • Room options: 3-Star, 4-Star Superior and 5-Star Loft Suite 
  • 40 staff, incl. catering 

The project with Swisscom

  • New optical fibre connection  
  • Installation of a new network inside and between the hotel buildings 
  • Installation of a new guest TV and new telephony solution 


These Swisscom products are successfully used by Wellness & Spa Hotel Pirmin Zurbriggen

blue TV Host

High-end hospitality TV with more than 300 channels and secure guest WLAN. 

Smart Business Connect

Comprehensive phone, high-speed internet and network package. 

Satellite TV – the end of an era 

Guests staying at the Wellness & Spa Hotel Pirmin Zurbriggen love the hotel’s sophisticated range of wellness and culinary options. However, up until recently, their options for TV entertainment were significantly more limited. As Fabian Zurbriggen explains: ‘The satellite TV system we were using did not include any regional channels and only a few French and English ones. Around 40% of our guests come from French-speaking Switzerland, and so they never got very much out of the channels on offer.

I was always really embarrassed about that. Our old satellite TV system was also a lot of work for us, because every TV had to be tuned manually. As each of our suites can have as many as three TVs, that took a lot of effort.’  

Portrait of Fabian Zubriggen, wearing glasses and a stripy tie

‘This new TV solution is awesome!’

Fabian Zurbriggen, owner of the Wellness & Spa Hotel Pirmin Zurbriggen

Optical fibre – the next-generation connection 

In 2022, Swisscom installed optical fibre in Saas-Almagell. Fabian instantly realised the new network’s potential and acted fast. The hotel’s Swisscom optical fibre connection is significantly faster and more stable than its predecessor – not least because it will automatically divert to the mobile network when there are network interruptions, and because it includes technical support. ‘We were the very first hotel in the valley to have optical fibre access installed’, explains Fabian. This was after having a chat with Swisscom and its local partner Net27 about the new options available and getting a quote for a TV and phone bundle solution. ‘Swisscom had a fantastic package deal. And, because Swisscom is generally considered a trustworthy and reliable provider, I never bothered to ask anyone else for a quote.’

After discussing the logistics, the team from Net27 swiftly installed the data lines for the TV, phone and internet connection for all three buildings. According to Fabian, ‘A normal provider would never have been able to do that in such a short time. The installers did a tremendous job and finished just in time for the start of the summer season.’ 

‘This new TV solution is awesome!’ 

Fabian has already received a lot of very positive feedback from guests about the new TV entertainment system. ‘Many of our guests also use blue TV at home. That means that they already know how it works and are used to the variety of channels.’ The switch is also paying off for the hotel as a whole. ‘We are now able to set up the list with its 300+ channels for all of the hotel’s TVs right here on our computer. This saves an enormous amount of time. It’s also handy that all of the TVs now use the same model of remote control. Last but not least, we also have our own info channel and can advertise our hotel’s special offers on the TVs’ home screen. And the price for the whole package is really reasonable. In short: this new TV solution is awesome.’

The Zurbriggens are also very happy with their new telephone system and the fact that their fixed monthly package price includes all calls within Switzerland. Their new virtual switchboard can be easily managed through a user-friendly dashboard on their computer. It also allows them to easily manage all of the phone connections in all three buildings.