Success Story ICT-Gesamtlösung

“We use a modern, practical ICT tool box.”

Christoph Meyer, chief executive and owner
ManagImmos GmbH

The story in brief:

ManagImmos GmbH operates in the sale and management of real estate. Its clients expect staff to have all relevant information to hand instantly and everywhere. The team was not always able to call up data as and when required, and operating the local server and the firewall was costly and time-consuming.

Christoph Meyer is the chief executive and owner of ManagImmos GmbH in Ittigen near Bern. His company deals in the sale and management of real estate. The company also handles construction management required for clients. “It’s very important to me to maintain the highest standards and to be able to collaborate with good, reliable tradesmen,” he explains.

Christoph Meyer sets the bar high for his core business: “My clients expect us to have all relevant information to hand instantly and from any location. We need an ICT solution that we can use to exploit the advantages of digitisation, so that we can offer a perfect service.”

ManagImmos GmbH – profile

  • Activities: real estate sales and management
  • Employees: 5
  • Location: Ittigen in Bern

The project with Swisscom

  • Rapid access to all data, from anywhere
  • More efficient and transparent collaboration
  • Ability to interview prospective tenants via videoconferencing


ManagImmos successfully uses this Swisscom product

Integrated ICT solution

Benefit from the advantages of an overall solution managed by Swisscom: Microsoft 365, Teams Telephony, Security and Backup.

Good, but not good enough: the ICT basics

Christoph Meyer felt there was room for improvement with his ICT systems until a short while ago. With solid foundations in place, the time was right to take the next steps into digitisation. He and his team did not have the option to call up data anywhere they needed it. Operating the local server and the firewall was time-consuming and involved recurrent investment costs. With a targeted renovation of the ICT landscape, Christoph Meyer wanted to offload tasks that are not directly part of his business and create the basis for smooth, location-independent working.

Christoph Meyer, chief executive and owner ManagImmos GmbH

“Teams has enabled us to collaborate faster and more transparently.”

Christoph Meyer, chief executive and owner
ManagImmos GmbH

Just switch on and get to work

“It should be possible for the ICT to work like my car – simply jump in and drive off.” That’s how Christoph Meyer explained the needs of his SME to Swisscom. He received a customised solution proposal from a Swisscom consultant that comprised everything that ManagImmos required for efficient, modern and carefree working: Microsoft Office 365 with Teams, including Teams Telephony as the central work and communication tool, Managed Security with a firewall in the Swisscom Cloud and Managed Backup with automatic data backup in Swisscom data centres. All of the company's data is located in the cloud, allowing rapid, secure access from anywhere.

Skilful digitisation brings new freedom

“Today we use a huge, state-of-the-art, practical ICT tool box,” explains Christoph Meyer, keen to show us how it works on his tablet. With just a few taps on the screen, he calls up the documents for the apartment in front of us in a flash. The maintenance work carried out in the past few years can be seen at a glance. There are also plans, rental contracts, information about tenants, records of conversations with property owners, photographic documentation, etc. “In the old days we had to carry a few fat ring binders around with us,” says Christoph Meyer. “I’m so glad that we’ve digitised all our documents now. It makes a good impression on our clients. And having fast access to all the important data saves us a lot of time.”

Straightforward and efficient collaboration

The ManagImmos crew collaborate extremely efficiently using the new tools from Microsoft Teams. Christoph Meyer adds: “At our internal online meetings, we edit documents together and log everything continuously. Collaboration has become faster and more transparent.” He explains that Microsoft Teams is also extremely useful when selecting tenants: “We never sign contracts with people that we can't see. Especially now, in times of coronavirus restrictions – or when talking to prospective tenants abroad – being able to conduct video meetings on Teams is a massive benefit.”