PortaNet AG

‘Smart components can greatly simplify maintenance and service processes.’

Thomas Kössler, Member of the Board of Directors and Co-Owner

The story in brief:

PortaNet’s sensors make the moving parts on the doors and windows ‘smart’. Swisscom provides the LoRaWAN Low Power Network (LPN) the sensors require.

Windows, doors and gates of buildings require repeated maintenance. This is often done after a set interval or, in some cases, not until something goes wrong. However, when it comes to sustainable maintenance, the level of use is an important factor. PortaNet’s sensors make the moving parts on the doors and windows ‘smart’. Swisscom provides the LoRaWAN Low Power Network (LPN) the sensors require.

PortaNet AG is a Swiss start-up that digitises moving parts on and in buildings. The sensors measure, control, document and automate the entire life cycle of windows, doors and gates. Maintenance companies and users receive static information about the components as well as dynamic reports on use, malfunctions and maintenance activities, all in real time. The company’s roots are in door and window construction. Having developed the sensors from the bottom up, it opted for the LoRaWAN solution from Swisscom for data transmission.

About PortaNet AG

  • Employees : 2-4
  • Sector: Building automation
  • Headquarter: Emmen

The project with Swisscom

  • Energy-efficient, real-time communication between the components and control centre
  • Use of the largest nationwide, licence-free network
  • Managed connectivity without major investment on your part
  • Professional network support thanks to long-standing experience


PortaNet successfully uses this Swisscom product

LPN LoRaWAN – the ideal network for IoT applications

IoT devices and sensors are reliably connected to systems via the Swisscom Low Power Network (LPN). Based on the LoRaWAN standard, the LPN is ideal for transmitting small volumes of data. What’s more, device communication via the LPN is extremely energy efficient.

A perfect symbiosis

With a history in the door and window construction industry, the specialists at PortaNet perfectly understand the needs of their customers, especially their maintenance requirements. Their ambition was to bring to market a product that was as practical and user friendly as possible and did not require any additional work or add-on installations. The sensors should be invisible, fit into all known frame systems and also integrate easily into existing systems. A holistic solution was required. PortaNet thus turned to long-term partner Swisscom.

Swisscom supplied a product that PortaNet has now been using in its integrated solution for the past four years: LPN LoRaWAN. This Low Power Network (LPN) connects sensors that attach to windows, doors and gates with the central system. This stable IoT connectivity ensures end-to-end operation and has also been tested in rural areas as well as abroad. PortaNet also uses gateways from Swisscom to boost the signals within a building.

Sustainable, efficient and secure

Many building owners are not aware that they are legally obliged to keep fire doors in perfect working order at all times. Regular inspection and maintenance are therefore essential. This is where PortaNet comes in: it simplifies service and maintenance for windows, doors and gates for customers and their employees, and makes the entire process more efficient. Maintenance takes less time and therefore requires fewer human resources. The sensors regularly send component usage readings to the control centre, indicating whether there is a problem and the status of the autonomous, integrated power supply. The data volume is very small because no images or larger files are sent. A battery therefore lasts up to ten years.

All data and document management takes place in the cloud, guaranteeing greater sustainability, efficiency and reliability of servicing. Service records, which can often be lost over time, have become a thing of the past. All data is stored centrally and can be accessed at any time with a few clicks. There is no need for extra trips for on-site damage assessment. It also keeps the number of malfunctions and on-call visits to a minimum. Service appointments can be scheduled at an early stage and better coordinated.

‘Smart components can greatly simplify maintenance and service processes.’

Thomas Kössler, Member of the Board of Directors and Co-Owner of PortaNet AG

PortaNet leading the way in this field

The individual elements of the innovative PortaNet solution work together perfectly. The MyPortaNet platform collects data and documents the entire life cycle of the components. The data is available at any time via the QID-TAG. The CycleCounter measures the cycles and other data, such as humidity, vibrations, temperature and tilt angle. The data is listed in chronological order and ensures a complete digital service record that is available 24/7.

The Swisscom LoRaWAN in the background is responsible for maintaining the communication and ensuring that all components equipped with sensors are always connected to and communicating with the central system.

PortaNet is clearly breaking new ground with this revolutionary solution. The entire system has been patented by the European Patent Office. Thomas Kössler believes that the digital maintenance of moving parts is the future. The potential cost savings alone are sufficient to prompt a rethink among businesses as they would be able to deploy employees more efficiently. Digitisation is advancing in leaps and bounds. PortaNet is ready.