«With Smart ICT, we are using our resources wisely and don’t have to worry about ICT at all.»

Marie-Therese Anliker, general manager Spitex Nebikon-Altishofen

Digital work processes are becoming increasingly important for Spitex organisations. Spitex Nebikon-Altishofen uses Swisscom’s comprehensive Smart ICT solution for its computer and telephone infrastructure.

Visitors to the offices of Spitex Nebikon-Altishofen im-mediately feel at ease. Spitex only moved into its bright, friendly premises next to Nebikon railway station a few months ago. Marie-Therese Anliker, general manager, decided to update the organisation’s ICT infrastructure at the same time as the move. There were good reasons for doing so, as she explains: «Like many other Spitex organisations, we used to buy computers and telephones without any kind of strategy. We bought whatever we needed at the time. It was a piecemeal approach with unfortunate consequences because I would spend a huge amount of time dealing with numerous IT problems – time I would rather have spent doing other things. In a way, we were lucky that our equipment was so old that we couldn’t bring it with us.»

DIY or outsource?

A smoothly functioning ICT system is indispensable for Spitex Nebikon-Altishofen. When Spitex staff visit their customers, they use a tablet and a smartphone in order to access patient information, work schedules and care plans, for example, or to record their actions. In the office, there are five permanent workstations with a variety of ICT equipment. The servers are accessed via mobile and fixed Internet connections and a WLAN. And then there is all the software. With all these devices, connections and technologies, there is clearly a lot to think about. «We were faced with a fundamental question: did we want to buy and operate our ICT ourselves, or would it be better to outsource it?», remembers Marie-Therese Anliker. «ICT outsourcing is rare in Spitex organisations, but I had heard that a nearby town had had a very good experience outsourcing to Swisscom and its local partner Illi ICT Solutions. We also liked the idea that we could rent our ICT infrastructure instead of buying it. As a non-profit organisation, we are not allowed to build up substantial reserves, which makes large investments particularly difficult.»

A comprehensive service for a fixed monthly price

What should an outsourced service include? Spitex evalu-ated its requirements in consultation with Swisscom and Illi ICT Solutions. Swisscom then put together a Smart ICT package, which includes everything that Spitex needs for secure, smooth ICT operations: hardware, Office software, integrated industry software, IP and mobile telephony, and secure data transfer with all devices and servers in the Swisscom Cloud. Swisscom also provides all staff with professional support via a hotline. If a device stops working, it is replaced immediately. And Spitex gets a new generation of devices every three years or so. Swisscom charges a fixed monthly price per workstation for all these services.

«Everything worked at the touch of a button.»

«Our trust in Swisscom and its partner has paid off», says a satisfied Marie-Therese Anliker. «After we moved in here, everything worked at the touch of a button. Since then, we have not had a single malfunction. Integrating our industry software into the system was a real chal-lenge. The data is managed on the software provider’s server – unlike all the other data, which is stored in the Swisscom Cloud. Our ICT partners were up to the job. Something else I really value is the fact that we can easily expand our ICT solution, because our organisation is growing. For a smaller Spitex like us, ICT is a major ex-pense. We are using our resources wisely and don’t have to worry about ICT at all.»

Spitex Nebikon-Altishofen

Spitex Nebikon-Altishofen is a non-profit association with 13 permanent staff and 20 volunteers looking after customers in the municipalities of Nebikon and Altishofen.

Product used

Smart ICT

Get IT, Internet and telephony in a modular all-in-one package.

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