Integrated solution from Swisscom for VetTrust

“I can coach my team from home at night.”

Portrait von Patrick Stirnimann

Gabrielle Brunner
Chief Veterinary Officer and Chief Business Development Officer

The story in brief:

The Swiss veterinary group VetTrust brings together 35 small animal practices and veterinary clinics. Thanks to a thorough digitisation process, employees can focus even more on taking care of the animals.

Einleitungstext/Anfang Lauftext*VetTrust covers practically all services that are available in Swisscom’s SME offering: Internet, networking, cloud for applications and data, WLAN, fixed network and mobile telephony, an emergency number, an SMS gateway and even blue TV Host. What is the point of all this when the activities of a veterinary practice are generally seen as being fairly down-to-earth? 

About VetTrust

  • The leading Swiss veterinary practice group
  • Sites: 35
  • Service offering: primary care, emergencies, nutritional advice, grooming and much more.

The project with Swisscom

  • Flexible ICT infrastructure for innovative offers
  • Improving the quality of treatment
  • Connecting new sites quickly and seamlessly

These Swisscom products are
successfully used by VetTrust

Integrated solution from Swisscom for VetTrust

At the heart of the broad range of services is the Smart ICT package with IT operations in the cloud, fail-safe Internet, network and IP telephony. In addition, there are mobile telephony and WLAN. The SMS Gateway is used for automated SMS to customers, e.g. for vaccination reminders. Via blue TV Host, VetTrust operates its own TV channel in the practices for educational purposes or prevention tips. The Business Number 0800 111 114 for the animal ambulance offers intelligent routing functions.

0800 111 114 – and the animal ambulance gets going.

The most recent example of VetTrust’s innovativeness is the animal rescue ambulance, which is supported by the Anton Foundation. The ambulance is the only one of its kind in Switzerland. In case of emergency, “pet parents” can request it throughout German-speaking Switzerland via the toll-free emergency number 0800 111 114. By geo-routing the call, it is immediately and automatically determined whether the person seeking help is in the ambulance’s current area of operation. If geo-routing is deactivated, callers are automatically prompted to enter their postcode. “This is brilliant”, Gabrielle Brunner is pleased to say, “because it saves us precious time.” Ideally, the animal’s treatment history will already be stored in the VetTrust system – where any VetTrust practice will be able to access it in seconds. Thanks to the short response times and comprehensive information, the animals’ chances of recovery are significantly increased.


Group-wide know-how transfer “on demand”

Like human medicine, veterinary medicine is also characterised by increasing specialisation. VetTrust covers all specialities – from imaging procedures and surgery to dentistry, neurology and dermatology. Gabrielle Brunner’s speciality is sports and pain medicine. She shares her specialist know-how with all the veterinarians in the VetTrust Group where necessary. 

«Being able to count on a partner like Swisscom is valuable.»

he data on the patients and pet owners stored in the central practice information system in the Swisscom Cloud is indispensable for this. This is what makes the efficient exchange of knowledge possible, explains Gabrielle Brunner. “For example, if a colleague in Central Switzerland needs my input on pain management we can both quickly access the same patient data in the cloud – and can be talking about the same thing straight away. The cloud also provides an excellent service in emergencies. “This means I can coach my team from home at night.” Employing the service of specialists irrespective of location is an important factor behind the success of VetTrust. It means that the group stands out on the market thanks to the excellent quality of its treatment. For the “pet parents” on the other hand, no matter which VetTrust practice or clinic you visit – all of your beloved pet’s data is available there at the touch of a button.


The ICT flexibly grows with you

For Gabrielle Brunner, one highlight of the collaboration with Swisscom and its local partner was the way it handled the corona crisis. “We were only allowed to treat emergencies in the practices”, she says. “For all other cases, we switched to video consultations in just two weeks. As well as this, all employees were immediately equipped with smartphones and laptops to be able to work from home. Being able to count on a partner like Swisscom at a time like this is enormously valuable. Swisscom also provides optimum support for our strong growth. New sites are seamlessly connected to the group in no time.”