How far along is your company on the path to net zero?
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How far along is your company on the path to net zero?

Where does your company stand in terms of climate protection? Our progress checker gives you a rough assessment of where you are and shows what your next steps might be.

All levels at a glance

You are at the start of your journey to net zero.

The new legal requirements are not yet having an impact on your business, carbon accounting is not being carried out, you are not reporting your carbon footprint and no climate targets for actively reducing CO2 have been defined.

Your next steps:

  • Start measuring and calculating your company’s carbon footprint.
  • Define climate targets and draw up a climate strategy.

Like many Swiss companies, you are on the right track to reducing your CO2 emissions.

Due to regulatory or supply chain requirements or for your own reasons, you keep a record of your CO2 footprint and report on it probably once a year. There is potential for optimisation in the proactive reduction of CO2 emissions and the automation of CO2-relevant data processing.

Your next steps:

  • Efficient automated CO2 measurement by means of a software tool and integrated external and internal data.
  • Derivation of CO2 reduction potential and the planning and implementation of measures for actively reducing emissions.

You are well on the way to achieving an ambitious climate target such as climate neutrality or net zero.

Thanks to clearly defined climate targets and an active reduction strategy aimed at achieving these, you can publish your CO2 footprint each year with a clear conscience. Semi-automated processing of climate-related data saves you a lot of effort.

Your next steps:

  • Take a proactive and data-driven approach to reducing your CO2 emissions.
  • Continuously track your CO2 emissions so that you can calculate them on a regular basis (e.g. monthly or quarterly) and publish them annually.
  • In addition to actively monitoring reduction measures for achieving your climate targets, use simulations to define such for the future. There is automated processing of climate-related data.

Congratulations, you are a role model for many Swiss companies.

SBTi targets for net zero have been defined for achievement by 2050. You measure and report your footprint at regular intervals. In addition to actively monitoring measures and the achievement of targets, you have also defined measures and targets for the future using simulations. There is automated processing of climate-related data.

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