Smart Cities Startups are participating at Kickstart Accelerator 2017.
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8 Smart-City Start-ups and 1 Intrapreneur team will join

This year’s Kickstart Accelerator boot camp took place in beautiful Zurich and Swisscom, as a partner of the Smart City acceleration program, is happy to share with you the 9 finalists that entered the 3 months’ program. Next to the 8 start-ups we have also an intrapreneur team from Swisscom and AXA Winterthur Insurance. It will be a unique opportunity for this team as well as for start-ups to benefit from a mentoring and coaching program to bring their project and product to the next level.

From the start-ups side the finalists are:


Antavi is developing a software that captures and analyses human behaviour of crowds and mobile workforces in real time. They combine wearable sensing, machine learning and communication technology in a closed loop to facilitate tactical tasks of managing large groups. Such tasks are commonly found in crowd management, public transport, emergency response, parcel services, and many other urban management tasks.


Bikelook tracks bikes to provide actionable smart city data and bike theft reduction. Their device is deterring, detecting and tracking bike theft using Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technology.


DCBrain, a start-up from France, helps network managers deal with the growing complexity in industrial flow networks, by digitizing and applying its AI software to existing company data. DCbrain turns the Internet of Things into the Internet of Streams, applying data mining and artificial intelligence to physical electricity, water, gas and cooling-system networks not only to detect anomalies and anticipate incidents but also to predict their future requirements.

Hawa Dawa

Hawa Dawa is a Germany based start-up that offers an air quality monitoring device by combining a network of small, portable and stationary sensors with machine learning and powerful modelling techniques. It measures PM, O3, NO2 and Carbon emissions and send the information via Wi-Fi or LoRaWAN to an online database to facilitate a live pollution map of a city or area.

Parquery AG

Parquery is developing and providing a smart parking management solution that automatically identifies in real-time available parking spots. Its main product is an analytics platform that analyses visual parking data captured from low-resolution cameras, using computer vision algorithms. The software notifies current parking conditions and predicts future occupancy conditions using its algorithms.

Spark Horizon

Spark Horizon is a France-, Swiss- and UK based start-up that develops, installs and operates a fast charging network for electrical vehicles at high traffic influential location, providing the best service free of charge. The start-up aims at building the first free private charging network in Europe, relying on a powerful private-public partnership by matching both interests into tomorrow free carbon society. They offer publishers an influential media platform to deliver their messages and bring communities towards sustainable development.

State of Place

State of Place, a start-up from the U.S., offers a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for urban planning and the real estate industry. The SaaS platform helps cities, developers and other involved stakeholder creating and planning more walkable, liveable places by quantifying what people love about cities and forecasting the benefits of making them better.


uHoo, a start-up from Singapore, collected data using its Wi-Fi connected device on indoor air quality to enhance health and safety, increase productivity and provide insights on energy savings to commercial and residential spaces.


From the corporate side, the finalist is:


Rent`n`Share is an intrapreneurial team co-created by ICT provider Swisscom and insurance company AXA Winterthur. Their collaboration offers a flexible long-term car-rental solution combined with a peer2peer car-sharing option.

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