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“When the start-up adviser becomes a regular customer”

Swisscom employs a nine-person advice team specialising in new businesses. The team helps customers in the exciting start-up phase and advises them about all aspects of communication and infrastructure. The experienced team members are as diverse as the start-ups that they advise – here we introduce four of them.

Nathalie, what do you value most as a Swisscom start-up adviser?

We don’t offer run-of-the-mill advice from a production line, but we give time to every customer and try to understand their particular situation. I can help ambitious entrepreneurs to set up new companies by finding the right solution for every individual customer. It’s a fascinating process.

Should a start-up do anything to prepare for a consultation with you?

The customer should think beforehand about how flexibly he wants to work, whether he is often out and about or works a lot from home – we will cover everything else in the consultation.

Tell us about a memorable experience with a start-up that you have advised.

Last year, I helped a clothing store. After the consultation and once the business was open, I visited the store in person to see how it was going. The customer was very surprised and delighted. I have been a regular customer ever since.

Jonas, what piece of advice do you give to every start-up with regard to communication?

Look to the future. Where do I see my start-up in the next few years? How many employees will I have? These questions need to be addressed so we can recommend a solution that can be flexibly adapted to the customer’s needs.

What do you enjoy about your work?

The variety. From a one-man poodle parlour to an IT company with 20 employees – we get everything. Some of the start-ups we work with couldn’t be more different from each other.

Can you imagine creating a start-up yourself one day?

Certainly! Being independent, using every ounce of your creativity, being your own boss – these are things I’d love to do.

What is your most valuable tip for someone starting a new business?

Stick firmly to your idea. Not all start-ups are successful from the start. If you really believe in your idea, give it 110% from day one.

Sylvia, what makes the start-up team special?

The team is brilliant, we work very well together. We’re a multicultural team with people of different ages and a wide range of interests.

You’ve been there from the start: has your work changed in the last few years?

A lot has changed – our product portfolio has also become more varied. We always have to be up to date, which is why further training and coaching sessions are very valuable for us advisers.

What can a start-up expect from a consultation with you?

A sympathetic ear. We take the time to discuss everything together. I am fully responsible for the start-up and passionate about my job.

What do you find particularly exciting about start-ups, Natascha?

Every new business is exciting and I love hearing the story behind it. How the decision was finally reached to go ahead with the plan to start the business.

What three tips would you give a new business with regard to infrastructure?

1. Think early on about how you want customers to be able to contact you.

2. Ask yourself where you are going to store all your customer data.

3. Consider how you find it easiest to work.

Can you identify well with start-ups?

I can identify with them very well because I also manage an interior design workshop in my spare time. When you’re starting out, you have so much on your plate – it’s great to have someone who can think about your situation and give you sound advice.

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