Location mapping for Swiss security and rescue organisations.

Whether it’s a fire, an accident or a break-in – the police, fire brigade, ambulance and air rescue services need to pinpoint and reach the site of the incident quickly and accurately. The high-availability, reliable emergency call systems from Swisscom helps blue-light and emergency services find the location of any emergency in a highly professional way, at any time on any day.

NG112 interface description

Emergency call communication (telephony) in Switzerland and Europe is being converted to the latest NG112 standards with the SIP/HELD protocols. Here we provide all interest groups with the current version of the interface description. (Basis: OFCOM information on the Revision of the Telecommunications Act ordinances)


> NG112 Interface (PDF)


> NG112 XSD (ZIP)


> NG112 Reference test cases (PDF)

Emergency call systems at a glance

Emergency call systems enable a reliable locatization of emergency calls made on any telephone network (landline, mobile, VoIP) via a single platform. It meets all the technical requirements of the Swiss Telecommunications Office (BAKOM, see TAV SR 784.101.113/1.3, latest version available at www.bakom.admin.ch).

Universal service


Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd has a universal service mandate in Switzerland. It operates and makes emergency call systems available to all official emergency organisations in accordance with its legal mandate.

Legal supply of data to the emergency call systems

All registered telecommunications service providers (TSPs), VOIP service providers and VOIP telephone service providers are obliged, under Articles 27 et seq. of the Telecommunications Services Ordinance (FDV; SR 784.101.1), to ensure the localization of emergency calls.



Access to the emergency call systems is a legally required universal service and reserved only for official emergency numbers 112, 117, 118, 143, 144, 147, as well as emergency affiliated numbers 1414, 1415, etc.

24/7 secure data retrieval

A high-availability system environment and a dedicated, secure network (belonging to the data owner) with access via SOS-iPSS ensures data can be accessed quickly and securely at any time. 24/7 support.

Data handling & security

Data is only accessible to rescue and security authorities and organisations (BORS) in accordance with legal provisions and is protected against unauthorised access. All emergency call systems are subject to complies fully with Swiss data protection regulations and the BAKOM ordinance.

Interface & support

We offer a standardised interface that is identical for all FDAs, VOIP service providers and VOIP telephone service providers. The delivery of telephony customer location data for integration into the emergency call systems takes place in real time during an emergency call. A 5x10 helpdesk is available free of charge in the event of faults and technical problems.

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