APIs are the new digital language

API business ecosystems enable companies to continuously challenge and expand their offerings and collaboration models profitably.


With the Open Business Hub and our experience from projects of all sizes, we help companies become more competitive and stand out, with a more comprehensive range of products across the entire value chain.


Together, we can simplify processes and create added value. The Open Business Hub is the secure platform for exchanging digital information in existing and future ecosystems.

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Stefano Caccin

Product Manager Digital Banking

Open Business Hub at a glance

Our aim is to provide a cross-industry Business API ecosystem. This will allow you to address your customers as soon as there is an issue rather than waiting to choose the solution.


Our commitment to open banking

Swisscom Banking is contributing to the design of open banking in Switzerland and actively participates in the following open banking working groups, each with a different focus.

Common API (SFTI)

The Common API working group, founded by Swiss banks and insurers, has the primary objective of creating a common standard for the API specification. The main beneficiaries will be banks and insurers, but there is also a strong focus on the benefits for fintechs/insurtechs and third-party providers. SFTI is not pursuing commercial interests with this initiative.

OpenBankingProject (BEI)

The object of the OpenBankingProject.ch initiative is to create a knowledge platform for open banking in Switzerland and provide a basic sandbox to verify API reference implementations. The project is aimed at banks, third-party providers and back-end system manufacturers.

Your benefits with the Open Business Hub

OBH as a Service

No initial expenditure in building your own infrastructure or knowledge: experience and expertise from a single source.


One contact person for APIs and integration. Offering everything from a single source reduces complexity and coordination effort.

Business API ecosystem

We support your business in creating a comprehensive business API ecosystem.

Future Proof

Take advantage of an extensible platform for your customer-centric solutions and your API offering.


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Stefano Caccin

Product Manager Digital Banking

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