Digital networking is taking on a new meaning with the Medical Connector Suite.

The DICOM-standard data communication solution with no file-size restrictions for service providers and institutes in the healthcare sector.

Fully networked, tailored to your needs.

Intuitive data transmission

Use the web-based user interface to send and receive data easily.

Highest level of data security

You can count on secure, encrypted data transmission.

Integration into your internal systems

Connect your primary systems through a variety of interfaces.

The three building blocks of the Medical Connector Suite

The Medical Connector Suite is the largest virtual network in Switzerland for stakeholders in the healthcare sector. Your solution for exchanging DICOM image data and sending medical data.

The three building blocks are Medical Connector, Medical Share and Medical Multichannel.

Medical Connector - The basic block

  • Your solution for sending DICOM image data, registrations and reports
  • Fast and secure communications platform for medical service providers
  • More than 200 hospitals and institutes use Medical Connector every day
  • Bidirectional exchange of DICOM images, documents and structured data over a virtual network
  • Emergency channel for priority image transmission in urgent cases
To communicate with service providers outside the Medical Connector network, radiological image data is transmitted using the web application Medical Share. Medical Share offers secure access to and downloading of radiological image data and other documents via a web browser.
The Medical Multichannel can be used to ensure the dispatch of medical documents through the preferred shipping channels with just a few clicks. The shipping channels HIN-Mail, fax, letter, Medical Share, Medical Connector as well as several intermediaries are at your disposal. By outsourcing print and dispatch orders, you gain valuable time and save costs.

Medical Share

  • The portal for digital exchange of medical image data such as DICOM studies
  • Medical Device Ordinance (MDR) certified Viewer
  • Two-factor authentication
  • News inbox
  • Worldwide exchange

Medical Multichannel

  • For automatic dispatch of medical documents through the channel selected for the recipient – analogue or digital
  • Process optimisation of dispatch with specified output channel
  • Transparent feedback about dispatch status
  • Outsourcing of printing and dispatch orders

With low total costs and high security standards, the Medical Connector Suite is an uncomplicated and user-friendly solution for medical exchange of DICOM data.

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This is what modern working looks like

  • Transmission of radiological image data

  • Medical Share from the DICOM Viewer

See for yourself.

Learn more about the Medical Connector Suite. We'll show you the highlights in a personal live demo.

  • The foundation: Medical Connector
  • Connection concepts
  • Integration into PACS
  • Medical Share
  • Dispatch solution Medical Multichannel
  • Referrals and reports

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What our expert says

«With a market share of 62%, our Medical Connector Suite is used in more than 200 hospitals and 70 institutes and laboratories as a network for data exchange.»

Felix Oppliger, Product Owner Medical Connector Suite

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