Low Power Network (LPN) LoRaWAN

The network for your IoT applications. It cuts your devices’ energy usage and is ideal for transferring small quantities of data. The Swisscom LPN already covers more than 97.0% of the Swiss population.

Your advantages with LPN LoRaWAN

Connected nationwide

Swisscom is the only provider covering the whole of Switzerland. Cooperation with the SBB, Swiss Post and NeoVac means the network is quickly growing.


Strong network coverage both indoors and outdoors, reaching 97.0% of the population. The 24 largest SBB railway stations are also covered internally.


Highest network availability throughout Switzerland with continuous network monitoring (24/7) and professionally managed field services that solve network coverage problems within 24 hours.


Ongoing expansion of the roaming network.

Current state:


France, Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Norway, Sweden, UK, Ireland

Further information about LPN can be found here:

Network coverage map

The Swisscom LPN currently covers 97.0% of the Swiss population. The information contained in this map is based on network coverage simulations, so small variations in coverage may occur.

Connectivity Management Platform
Low Power Network

Easily manage connected devices in a Low Power Network.

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LPN LoRaWAN Developer Account

Would you like to test your solution or your equipment on Swisscom's extensive Low Power Network? Get started with the LPN LoRaWAN Developer Account and receive:

  • Access to the LPN Connectivity Management Platform for 12 months
  • Connectivity plans for 16 devices, each with 144 uplinks and 14 downlinks per day
  • Support via LPN specialists


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