Automation in production

Smart Factory

We support you with the integration of processes, data, systems and machines, laying the foundations for production automation and data-driven manufacturing in the smart factory. We also help you to set up a consolidated, digital and paperless production work centre.

Low code is the entry point for smart production

With low code, you can turbo-boost automation in production and shop floor digitisation. Repetitive tasks and processes can be easily automated, even without in-depth programming knowledge, helping to counter the shortage of IT specialists.

Leverage automation to respond to individual customer needs

From MES and ERP add-ons to low-code and IIoT platforms – the digitisation options are as varied as the production processes themselves. Our experts will work with you to develop a tailored approach to optimise your manufacturing processes and give you a competitive advantage.

Our products

System integration

Integration of core applications such as ERP and PLM with MES and shopfloor systems for efficient production processes

IoT and IIoT

Connection to the Internet of Things for machines, tools, devices and containers

Big data and machine learning

Set up data lakes, warehouses and machine learning for predictions and process and quality improvements

Connected workforce and augmented reality

Smart solutions for more productive workplaces and more efficient use of technical tools


Comprehensive solutions for data and system security at IT and OT level

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