IT outsourcing

Workplace as a Service for modern, managed workplaces

With Managed Workplace from Swisscom, your employees have secure access to state-of-the-art workstations from any device worldwide. Our Workplace as a Service offers excellent cost effectiveness as well as optimum interaction between client workstations, operating system and application software.

Minimise costs while improving flexibility

With our Workplace as a Service offerings, you can scale your IT workstations and roles flexibly and quickly without needing to invest in your own IT infrastructure. Regular maintenance ensures maximum availability and stability. In addition, professional release management helps to ensure high operational reliability.

Standardisation ensures efficiency and security

Free up capacities by opting for the comprehensive lifecycle management of your device pool and leave the procurement, integration and operation of all devices to us. Through established, efficient software packaging, we provide applications for all your workstations. Our control of the entire value chain means that we are able to offer the highest quality.

Take advantage of IT workstation outsourcing from Swisscom and enjoy coordinated services at a monthly rate. You benefit from our outsourcing services and professional support both for software and hardware, including troubleshooting and device replacement on site, saving both costs and time for your company.

Your benefits

  • Tailored offering of fully managed workplaces for greater flexibility and cost efficiency
  • Secure data use from anywhere at all times, reducing complexity and increasing productivity
  • Lifecycle Management frees up capacities and gives you more scope for action


When is it the right solution?

Would you like to benefit from the latest Workplace as a Service expertise and completely outsource the management of your IT workstations? Are you looking for professional support with managed workplaces? Would you only like to receive partial services or support within projects (e.g. rollout)? We’re here to support your company with workplace management.

Why with Swisscom?

  • We offer comprehensive outsourcing with a range of interesting service and solution options for your workplace
  • Our service is offered on the basis of our own Swiss data centres or via global cloud providers
  • Rely on our first-class support by phone, on site, via e-mail or online

The first step

Your path to a managed workplace

Workplace as a Service

Do you already know your requirements? We would be happy to show you suitable solutions for your managed workplace.

Precisely tailored to your needs

As the products, services and industries of individual companies differ, so too do their current situations, their needs and their requirements. That’s why Swisscom offers a variety of managed workplace offerings that specifically meet your needs.

With the Rich Workplace service, you can rely on an optimum interaction between client workstations (fat client), operating system and application software. You benefit from high operational reliability, professional release management and exceptional cost effectiveness.

The benefits for you
  • Time saving: free up time for innovation and to focus on your core competences
  • Reliability: stability, security and simplicity in the operation of IT systems and software
  • Support: reliable support in your area thanks to a comprehensive service organisation

The regular company applications and data are quickly accessible to your employees from anywhere and are not stored locally. This increases productivity, reduces complexity and makes support easier.

The benefits for you
  • Cost efficiency: maximum availability and business continuity without the need to invest in your own IT infrastructure
  • Scalability: new applications can be quickly made available to any number of employees at the same time
  • Simplicity: applications can be easily migrated or the entire operating system replaced

Benefit from custom configuration, trouble-free operation and reliable maintenance of your applications with the help of our well-established processes and experienced software packaging experts. Besides application engineering, other services such as testing and test coordination, creation of installation instructions or software distribution are available to you if required.

The benefits for you
  • Cost advantages: significant cost savings through standardisation and an efficient distribution infrastructure
  • Expertise: a competent team of experts with extensive software packaging experience
  • Planning reliability: benefit from flat rates without additional hidden costs

Additional services & support

Client hardware service

Leave the procurement, integration and entire lifecycle management of your devices to Swisscom.

ICT support

Your employees have multi-channel access to a central point of contact for all ICT requirements, including on-site support and a repair service.

Success stories

The challenge

In 2003, for business and organisational reasons, the management of PSP Swiss Property AG decided to outsource the entire IT infrastructure of the company and all IT workstations. As a result, the business and its approximately 90 employees were able to focus entirely on the company’s core competencies. Following an extensive evaluation, Swisscom was awarded the contract, laying the foundations for the partnership that still exists today.
The main factors that swung the decision were the presence of Swisscom specialists in all language regions of Switzerland, the specific expertise, the strong customer orientation and the attractive price/performance ratio.

The support offered by Swisscom

Swisscom supported PSP by commissioning a platform, providing new servers and taking over operation of the server infrastructure and all associated services. The decentralised operation and monitoring of the networks and platforms presented a particular challenge. The hard work was rewarded with incredibly stable and powerful network performance.

All services, which were provided in the required quality and more cost effectively by Swisscom, were outsourced, resulting in cost savings of around 20 percent. Five years after the start of the project, a contract extension was agreed and executed.

The challenge

The Federation of Migros Cooperatives’ M-Workplace project was initiated to supply around 20,000 employees with new IT workstations. The centrally managed workplaces were only to receive the individual applications required for the specific field of application. The software to be supplied as part of this included office applications, CAD applications and multilingual label programs. Migros was looking for a partner for on-time packaging to accommodate output peaks during the rollout.

The support offered by Swisscom

Migros has benefited not only from the geographical proximity to Swisscom with its extensive experience in software packaging, but also from Swisscom’s commitment to create 600 time-critical packages per month at transparent, predictable costs. Swisscom is thus available to advise on the formulation of the requirements, test the packages and guarantee timely delivery. The packages are always delivered on time, however many are required.

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