ICIM – the document & content management solution

Successful implementation of document & content management solutions

An enterprise content management solution is much more than the launch of a new technical system.

With our long-standing expertise, we support you and operate the ECM solution on your behalf as a managed service. Perfect for your business needs – whether you require in-depth analysis, design, training or specialist technical advice.

When is it the right solution?

Due to increasing volumes of documentation, data and information, businesses need a suitable ECM /DMS solution that can be rolled out and implemented rapidly. However, they often lack the time, resources and expertise required. With ICIM from Swisscom, we provide the specialist technical knowledge you need relating to content, information and document management.

A team of proven experts offers the specific support you need to implement your content management project, whether this involves the full administration of your ECM solution or devising a realistic budget and schedule that can be implemented rapidly.

ICIM is suitable for companies with an existing ECM solution, who wish to upgrade or expand it to include additional services such as input and output management solutions or digital data archiving.

Your benefits:

  • A modular document and content management solution that can be extended flexibly
  • Fully managed by Swisscom experts
  • Professional support ‒ from advice to design and operation

Our products

Your options with ICIM

Choose the right modules for your business from our modular ICIM products. Extend these as required with our professional DMS consulting and flexible integration service.

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A brief guide to our ICIM products

Our ICIM products are modular in design and can be individually combined and extended as required. They include input and output management, document management, digital archiving and seamless, digital end-to-end business process support.

Core products

Use and benefits:
IMaaS (Input Management as a Service) is the input channel for all business correspondence. You can use it to digitise and classify documents automatically with the support of artificial intelligence. 

You will receive:​
  • Modular provision of services across the entire process chain (AVOR, scanning, classification, extraction, validation and post-processing)
  • Automatic detection of document content thanks to artificial intelligence and the latest capture technology
  • Document processing in accordance with the highest data protection standards

Use and benefits:
The user-friendly interface of the fully managed document management system ensures that documents are located quickly and in a clear format, including PDFs, e-mails, images, audio/video files or transaction data. You can also use DRMaaS as a standalone digital archive. 

You will receive:
  • A seamlessly integrated document management and archive service (DRMaaS)
  • A standalone product that can also be combined with additional ECM services
  • The provision, operation and maintenance of the archive platform with basic records management services

Use and benefits:
This service transforms raw data from your business processes into formatted omnichannel output. However the output is generated ‒ through customer interaction, business process or in batch mode at the end of the day ‒ you will always receive standardised, structured documents. With the additional Mass Output Printing service (MOP), you can outsource large-scale printing orders to us. 

You will receive:
  • The management of templates, text modules, media and dynamic content
  • Customised correspondence and mass processing automated by workflows and rule-based processing
  • Integration into your business applications and channel-specific preparation of output

Other products

Use and benefits:
Swiss Trust Room provides you with a highly secure collaboration platform where you can edit and exchange confidential documents, such as sensitive personal data, as well as results from research & development, patents or information about IPOs

You will receive:​
  • An instantly available cloud-based solution that you can use in your web browser ‒ without installing software or plug-ins
  • An integrated signature service to add a qualified electronic signature to documents in accordance with EU and Swiss law
  • A secure solution that adheres to your compliance requirements at all times thanks to differentiated access protection and audit trail

Use and benefits:
This service can be integrated into your existing environment and digitises your business processes, enabling you to simplify your daily work, improve your quality and compliance requirements and increase user and customer satisfaction. 

You will receive:
  • An optimised print environment and a reduction in infrastructure costs
  • Pocess digitisation and a better quality of business processes
  • Higher user and customer satisfaction through the reduction of routine daily tasks

Use and benefits:
ICIM Professional Services provide you with ECM/DMS services. We help you integrate our fully managed content and document management services, particularly in the transition to a service engagement model.

You will receive:
  • Professional advice and training from experienced teams of ECM/DMS experts
  • The development of a content management solution based on your needs
  • Long-standing industry expertise

Why Swisscom?


Our experts will manage your entire content management project for you.


With ICIM from Swisscom, you receive ECM/DMS services that can be flexibly extended.

Easy to integrate

Our services can be seamlessly integrated into existing IT solutions and extended as required.

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“With the SAP Archive Service, my data is stored securely at Swisscom in compliance with all the relevant standards and regulations.”

Tobias Imhof, CIO
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