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Remote Access Service

Secure access to company data and applications on the move

With Remote Access Service, you can communicate securely from anywhere, at any time and on any device. You can add mobile devices such as tablets, laptops, smartphones, webcams or routers to your network, regardless of the operating system, giving you continuous access to your data and applications.  


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Your benefits with Remote Access Service

Flexible working

Your employees can work on the move, so they are easier to reach and able to securely access company data and applications from anywhere at any time. 

Secure connection

With Always-On VPN, you can easily connect to the Internet and remain available at all times. Direct access to Internet resources is prevented through an automatically established Internet VPN connection. 

Service from Switzerland

Swisscom’s Remote Access Service is entirely Swiss-based, so you benefit from the best Swisscom network with its georedundancy and high availability. 

Secure access via an existing Internet connection

With the Internet VPN Access variant, authorised persons can securely access e-mails, documents, databases or client server applications.  

Options with Internet VPN Access:

Always-On VPN


Always-ON VPN prevents direct access to Internet resources through an automatically established Internet VPN connection. An Internet VPN connection is established immediately and the user is seamlessly authenticated. As soon as the client is using a trusted customer network, the VPN connection is suspended or disconnected.  

In some industries and businesses, it is very important to ensure company data cannot be accessed from certain countries (e.g. general ban on access from outside Switzerland). With geoblocking, we can meet your requirements.

Strong Authentication

Make access even more secure by using double-factor authentication with Mobile ID or a one-time token (hardware, SMS) in addition to a username and password.

Dedicated, secure access exclusively via the Swisscom mobile network  

With Mobile CNA over MPLS, devices can securely access applications in your customer network via the mobile network.

Secure communication


Ensure that, when using mobile applications, your corporate network is only accessed via the Swisscom mobile network. The high-performance connection guarantees secure, uninterrupted data communication.

Communication relies on a private access point and fixed addresses or a pool of IP addresses logically separated from the public mobile network. Authentication via a private access point, mobile number and SIM card guarantees you a secure connection to your customer network.


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Stephan Britschgi

Security Product Manager

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