Find and categorise sensitive data

Identifying sensitive data is becoming increasingly important. Not only because of the increasing volume, but also because it is increasingly stored where it should not be or where the storage location is unknown. This increases the risk of cyber attacks, data loss and data breaches.


Sensitive Data Services gives you an overview of all stored sensitive data (e.g. personal and customer data, patient information, contracts and patents).


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Tjeerd Olk

Product Manager Sensitive Data Services

Benefits of Sensitive Data Services

Local & secure

Fully developed and operated in Switzerland. Your data remains inside your company at all times.

Individual & compatible

Tailored to your needs and can be supplemented with additional services.

Comprehensive & professional

Can be quickly implemented and with minimal technical requirements. Managed Service with comprehensive advice from experts.

How Sensitive Data Services works

The DataScout software scans stored data, automatically finds potentially sensitive information and shows which data category it belongs to. On the basis of these reports, the sensitive data can be moved, reclassified, anonymised, protected or deleted as appropriate.


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Tjeerd Olk

Product Manager Sensitive Data Services

Every company has sensitive data

Migrate data easily

To transfer data smoothly (e.g. to the cloud), it is crucial to know where and what kind of data is present in your company.

Ensure regulatory compliance

Legal regulations (GDPR) require companies to know where their personal data is stored at all times.

Securely protect data

One third of all companies are affected by potential data loss*. Knowing where the sensitive data is stored is therefore crucial.

Three steps for the secure handling of sensitive data

We offer additional services to support you with the correct handling of your important sensitive company data.


Through a "Data Protection Check", you define, together with our experts, the type of data that is particularly sensitive for your company in the context of the GDPR.  

Search and find

Sensitive Data Services identifies and categorises the most important sensitive personal data in your organisation.

Monitor and protect

With Audit Guard, any sensitive data-related activities are logged and violations of industry-specific standards are reported. Data Loss Prevention prevents sensitive data from leaving your company.  

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*Source: Cost of a Data Breach Report, IBM Security & Ponemon Institute, 2019.