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Connected Workplace Service

Centralised application management
No investments in your own infrastructure
Secure access to business data via mobile devices

Virtual workplaces – Use Windows environments securely on any device, anywhere in the world

With a Connected Workplace Services your employees can access their familiar Windows environment quickly and securely, wherever they are. Employee productivity increases, support becomes easier and costs as well as complexity are reduced.

Your expert

Thomas Haller

Senior Solution Consultant

This is the Connected Workplace Service

  • Virtualisation of individual applications in the data centre and seamless integration into the existing IT infrastructure (application virtualisation)
  • Virtualisation of defined, unchangeable desktop environments for different user groups
  • Virtualisation of any desktop operating system environment: from fixed, unchangeable systems to functions that can be configured completely individually (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, Remote Desktop Service)
  • Granular, role and user-based applications and resources
  • Central data storage, highly available, disaster-proof platform, encrypted communication

Your benefits

  • Maximum availability and business continuity without investments in your own IT infrastructure
  • New applications can be made available quickly and simultaneously to any number of users
  • From migration of individual applications all the way through to complete replacement of entire operating system environments
  • Global access to business applications and data without having to save them locally
  • Utilisation of different end devices that do not fulfil the basic requirements of an application is also possible
  • Stable operation of the application environment and the applications

Mobile Connected Workplace Service

The Mobile Connected Workplace Service provides a centralised service for the operation, maintenance and support of the mobile options of your virtual workplace. The service enables you to access business data securely from anywhere and edit it and share it – privately or for commercial purposes.

Wankdorf data centre

Tier IV certification in the newest data centre for the optimum availability of data and systems.

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The right model for everyone

Align your Connected Workplace Service precisely with the needs of your company and your employees. We would be happy to advise you and show you which model is most appropriate for which user type:

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