Success Story Banque du Léman

«It was crucial to find partners who enabled us to harmonise with the Swiss banking market.»


Philippe Brunier
Chief Operating Officer


Banque du Léman was founded in 2014 and is a subsidiary of the Caisse d'Epargne Rhône Alpes group. It aims is to provide a link between the banking activities of Switzerland and France. Thanks to solutions provided by Swisscom and Finnova, the bank can provide a reliable, high-quality service to its customers.

Find out more about the three projects undertaken to boost the bank’s competitiveness.

The challenge

When Banque du Léman was set up in 2014, it needed providers capable of providing the broad range of functionality expected from a bank. It was important that the bank’s infrastructure made it a digital business. And it wanted to become part of an existing platform rather than to build one of its own.


For a successful outsourcing relationship, the business and the service provider must be on the same wavelength and pursue the chosen path together. Costs are another significant issue. And finally, the technology factor: ensuring the host has a future-oriented approach.

The solution

The Banque du Léman was looking for an experienced host with the procedures and ability to manage crisis situations: it found the ideal IT partner in Swisscom. It was also important for the company to have access to support in French, as well as to experts in the banking sector and in IT.

«When it came to IT, it was crucial that our services were provided by the industry leader.»

- Philippe Brunier, Chief Operating Officer at Banque du Léman

The changes were very well received: the ability to restructure and adapt is one of the strengths of the Banque du Léman’s agile teams. The employees were actively involved in bringing about the changes thanks to the responsibilities entrusted to them.


The challenge

Following a detailed analysis of the Banque du Léman’s existing needs and resources, we were able to put forward a solution to meet the company’s ambitious requirements. Our experts worked tirelessly to ensure that the bank’s development would set it apart from the rest of the market. The bank chose to opt for a fully anonymous solution for onboarding new customers. Swisscom and Finnova were therefore tasked with developing a solution to meet customer needs.

The solution

The skilful and committed Swisscom team in charge of the project harnessed their substantial experience in the banking sector and developed an efficient, reliable Core Banking system for the Banque du Léman. The journey to digital excellence and the growing competitive pressure encouraged the Banque du Léman to approach Swisscom to find a forward-looking solution.

The Finnova platform proved to be the wisest choice, as it enables the bank to maximise its profitability throughout the value creation chain. By adopting this new process, the Banque du Léman can now guarantee the consistent storage and management of customer data. The Finnova solution also enables the bank to communicate with its customers across all its channels. In addition, it allows the most common transactions to be processed in a secure database. Philippe Brunier, Chief Operating Officer at Banque du Léman, is delighted by the support received from Swisscom throughout the project. The partnership was clearly a successful one, with the migrations completed on schedule and within the original budget.


The challenge

«These days, banking is hugely reliant on technology.»

- Philippe Brunier, Chief Operating Officer at Banque du Léman

Rather than focusing on deploying technology, the bank’s objective was to meet its customers’ banking needs, putting them at the heart of the process.

The solution

With Swisscom’s CLM Suite, the Banque du Léman has given its customers complete autonomy, allowing them to manage all of their banking relationships. This starts with a straightforward, fully digital process for opening a new account, simplified by the digital signature. Customers enjoy a unique, personalised experience with 24/7 access to their bank.


This tool has allowed the bank to manage the entire customer life cycle much more efficiently. Many processes are now automated, centralised and simplified, which also reduces the error rate. The high degree of compatibility and availability of integration plug-ins (APIs) for the majority of banking applications (core banking), limited the workload involved in the integration process, particularly with the Finnova ecosystem.


Banque du Léman SA

  • Industry: banking
  • Headquarters: Geneva
  • Employees: approximately 45

The project with Swisscom

  • Streamlining processes to increase volumes and reduce IT costs
  • Meet customer needs and improve their experience
  • Positioning as a digital bank


The Banque du Léman uses
these Swisscom products successfully

Setup IT

Discover our full range of outsourcing services.

Core Banking

Outsource your business processes and devote your time to your customers.

Client Lifecycle Management (CLM)

Self-service or in-branch hybrid client onboarding.

Benefits for the Banque du Léman

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IT partners who understand the banking environment.

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Achievement of objectives

Migration completed in line with the timescale and budget defined.

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Increase in customer satisfaction.