Markus Kappeler

IT & Telecommunications Manager

Rolf Schubiger Küchen AG

Swisscom gives us all the ICT solutions we need.

Markus Kappeler

IT & Telecommunications Manager

Rolf Schubiger Küchen AG

Facts & Figures

May 2020

Company Facts:

Company: Rolf Schubiger Küchen AG

Industry: Interior design and installation

Number of employees: approx. 60

Project Facts:

  • Optimal basis for new forms of working
  • Everything from one provider
  • Affordable costs for SMEs

A complete, future-oriented ICT upgrade

Rolf Schubiger Küchen AG is a well-known kitchen, bathroom and interior design firm based in Eastern Switzerland. As an SME, its expectations match those of a large corporation when it comes to ICT. Swisscom enables Rolf Schubiger to use ICT solutions normally reserved for much bigger companies for an affordable price.


Rolf Schubiger Küchen AG’s existing ICT infrastructure dates back to 2014. “An eternity ago,” says Markus Kappeler, the company’s IT and Telecommunications Manager. Since then, a lot has changed, making a comprehensive upgrade of its entire ICT landscape indispensable: the technology was out of date, bandwidths no longer met current requirements, Windows 7 was no longer supported and new forms of work were dependent on a high-performance ICT system. “We were looking for an all-in-one ICT solution that our SME could afford and that would enable us to meet new demands in a flexible way,” says Markus Kappeler. It was also important that the ICT upgrade did not harm the firm’s day-to-day operations.


The company’s new, comprehensive ICT solution includes a number of perfectly orchestrated Swisscom services. Its network is equipped with the latest SDN technology (Enterprise Connect), while security solutions, including a firewall, are state-of-the-art, as is the data centre with Swisscom Dynamic Computing Services Plus.


Rolf Schubiger Küchen AG also gets its applications, such as Microsoft 365 and a managed Cisco UCC solution, from Swisscom. The final piece in the jigsaw is Smart Workplace, with Swisscom providing and continuously updating the workplace hardware. Markus Kappeler sums it up: “We get an infrastructure that works perfectly and enables us to embrace new forms of work.”


Ideally positioned

Ready for new forms of work.

Maximum flexibility

e.g. add workplaces easily.

Excellent value for money

An all-in-one solution at a price SMEs can afford.

These products are used by Rolf Schubiger Küchen AG

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