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Loeb AG

Focus is placed on the customer experience.

Facts & Figures

December 2019

Company Facts:

Company name: Loeb AG

Industry: Retail trade

Employees: 350

Project Facts:

  • Focus on the core business
  • IT outsourcing
  • New checkout cash register system

More time for the core business thanks to IT outsourcing

It all began in 2009 with the switch of the ERP system from Navision to SAP. Loeb AG brought Swisscom on board as its IT partner. Since then the cooperation has been continuously strengthened and expanded. Swisscom acts as the IT department for Loeb AG. Whether cash register systems, managed workplaces, technical support or server services – Swisscom is the main contact for IT services.


The sports programme is shown on the large TV screen, a slot machine plays quietly, comfortable armchairs and an elegant solid wood table provide a cosy atmosphere. Everything here invites you to linger for a while. We are in the newly opened Loeb Lounge of the traditional Bernese department store. Martin Stucki, Chief Digital Officer, welcomes us warmly and then shows us the impressive Cold Brew Machine, which is standing on the table. For ten hours, filtered water drips onto roasted coffee and unfolds its fresh aroma. "Focus is placed on the customer experience. We want our customers to feel at home and take the time to explore our product range. And this means we sometimes do things in an unconventional way", he says, smiling. The retailer is undergoing change. In no other industry can the changes in customer behaviour be observed as clearly as here. So unusual ideas are needed. "Everything is becoming increasingly digital and more innovative – that's why we need a competent IT partner who will join us on our path towards digitisation and support us with the latest know-how", says Stucki.


Now that Loeb AG has outsourced all of its IT to Swisscom, internal resources can be increasingly bundled and used to drive forward the core business. The first improvements can already be identified. "Our processes have become much more efficient since the IT outsourcing. And this has also enabled us to save costs. We can now fully focus on our core business", confirms Stucki. There are now more resources available for the implementation of innovative projects. For example, in the department store you will now find digital helpers that provide assistance in many areas, from the design of the shop floor space to giving advice. All payment processes are also handled digitally now. What's more, in addition to the traditional manned cash registers, self-checkout cash registers and, more recently, mobile WLAN tablet cash registers are also available. Stucki explains: "Customers can pay conveniently for the goods via tablet or self-checkout. The GUI on the screen is customer-friendly and intuitive. Customers select the product, quantity and payment method themselves." One thing that really reduces the burden on Loeb is the support. "If employees need assistance with the cash register system or other technical issues, they can contact the Service Desk directly. We don't need an internal IT department", stresses Stucki.

Digital innovations make shopping easier and more convenient for customers. And this leaves more time to relax and enjoy a fresh cold brew in the Loeb Lounge.


Focus on the core business


Thanks to IT outsourcing, the company can focus on its core business.

Less administrative outlay

Personnel costs, administration and processes have been optimised.

Drive forward digital innovation


New technologies and ideas can be implemented thanks to competent IT support.

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