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Fail-safe guarantee
Internet Backup

In the event of a power failure, Internet Backup automatically sets up Internet access via Swisscom’s mobile data network. As soon as the failure is repaired, the router automatically switches back to your wired Internet connection.

Internet Backup fail-safe guarantee benefits

  •  Reliability - stay online even in the event of power failure
  •  Easy installation - simply insert the Internet Backup stick into your router
  •  No interruption - you can always be reached on the phone
  •  Speed - up to 100 Mbit/s for downloading and 20 Mbit/s for uploading via Internet Backup*

The Internet backup stick in practice


Internet Backup is included in the following products:


Recommended for up to 5 employees. Basic functions for small businesses.

Smart Business Connect

Recommended for 6 employees or more. With more functions for companies of all scales.


You can set up Internet Backup yourself.

  1. Insert the Internet backup stick in your router.
  2. Wait until the Internet Backup LED on the Centro Business 2.0 lights up white.
  3. Internet Backup is now activated.

You can find detailed information in our user manuals.

Internet Backup 4G installation manual (with Centro Business 2.0)
Download the installation manual here as a PDF file.

Internet Backup 4G installation manual (with Centro Business 1.0)
Download the installation manual here as a PDF file.

Internet Backup 3G installation manual
Download the installation manual here as a PDF file.

Simulate a failure - test your Internet Backup

You can test your Internet Backup at any time. Simply simulate an Internet or fixed network failure by disconnecting the network cable (DSL or fibre optic cable) from the router. The Internet Backup is now active and automatically provides Internet access via the Swisscom mobile data network.

Your Internet Backup isn’t working properly?

If the Internet backup stick doesn't work, the Internet backup LED on the router will flash white.


Proceed as follows:

LED flashes white quickly

Check whether the Swisscom services you ordered have been activated (activation date). If they have, remove the Internet backup stick from the router. Reboot the router and re-insert the Internet backup stick.

LED flashes white slowly

The reception quality at the router position is very likely insufficient.


  1. Enter the URL in your Internet browser to access the web portal. Please note that you can only access the web portal when you are connected to your router in the network.
  2. Check the reception quality of your Internet backup stick at Internet > Internet Backup. You can also check reception quality via the network coverage map
  3. In the case of insufficient reception quality, change the position of your router or place the Internet backup stick elsewhere (near a window for instance) by attaching it to a USB extension cable.
  4. You can connect up to 3 USB extension cables to cover longer distances. All USB 2.0 or 3.0 extension cables will work. You can order USB extension cables from our customer service (0800 055 055).



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* The actual speed depends on the location, the number of people using the mobile base station and the end device.