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Internet Backup fail-safe guarantee

If your landline connection is interrupted, the router automatically switches to the mobile data network. Your phone and Internet service is therefore always guaranteed.


How does Internet failover work?

Insert the Internet failover stick on your router. Internet failover is now active and automatically connects to the Swisscom mobile data network in the event of power failure, so you can continue to make calls and access the Internet. As soon as the failure is repaired, the router automatically switches back to your wired Internet connection.


Internet failover benefits

✓ Reliability - stay online even in the event of power failure

✓ Easy installation - simply insert the Internet failover stick on your

✓ Telephone availability guaranteed

✓ Up to max. 100/20 Mbit speed via Internet failover*

Available with these products


Recommended for up to 5 employees. Basic functions for small businesses.

Smart Business Connect

Recommended for 6 employees or more. With more functions for companies of all scales.


More information

* The actual speed depends on the location, the number of people using the mobile base station and the end device.



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