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Managed LAN

Network from the cloud

LAN and WiFi management

Managed LAN lets you build your in-house network as you like at a clear monthly cost and stay flexible no matter how your company develops in the future. Your partner can centrally manage and configure your entire LAN and WLAN from anywhere.

Local Area Network (LAN) & WLAN: Functions & options

Always up-to-date

Swisscom looks after the operation of network services and hardware and replaces hardware regularly, so you always benefit from the latest technology.

User groups and network access

You can set up networks for specific user groups (VLANs), such as individual departments. You can also protect access to corporate networks with a personal login and thus enhance security in the LAN and VPN.

Public WLAN for guests

Lets you provide Internet access for third parties like guests or customers. Swisscom ensures compliance with legal parameters.

Your benefits with LAN and WLAN management

Optimised costs

You rent the required network hardware in the service model for a monthly fee and only pay for what you need at the time. High investment costs are a thing of the past.

Investment protection

Regular hardware replacement is included in the service flat rate. So your technology is always state of the art, without any recurrent investment costs on your part.

Fast adjustments via remote access

Thanks to central control by your partner, configurations can be adjusted via remote access within minutes or devices connected to the LAN rebooted (e.g. routers or IP phones) with no need for on-site presence, which saves a lot of time.

Basic package

Managed LAN

Get LAN and WLAN management (e.g. user group management) via the service model.

From CHF/mth per site




Business Internet Services lets you choose between 4 product versions with down/upload speeds of 10 Mbit/s - 1 Gbit/s and various service levels.

From CHF/mth per site


Managed Networks

The basis for all SME network solutions. Secure data traffic within a protected corporate network. For one or more locations.

From CHF/mth per site


* The basic package costs only CHF 30 per month for one site.




Managed LAN

  • Central control of LAN/WLAN in real time by your partner
  • Get switches and WLAN Access Points via the service model (incl. exchange service, licences and firmware updates carried out centrally)
  • Set up cross-site networks for specific groups (individual departments for instance). So you can define who has access to which drives, documents or other content.
  • Control network access via personal user authentication. The network access control is enabled through connecting a central user directory (e.g. Radius-Server or Active Directory). This increases the security in the LAN and VPN.

From CHF / mth per site (plus rental costs for hardware)


* A Swisscom Business Internet Services connection (XS-L) is a prerequisite.

Monthly rate for managed network hardware

Small Switch

8 ports, Power over Ethernet

Additional CHF / Mt.


Large Switch

48 Ports, Power over Ethernet

Additional CHF / Mt.


WLAN Access Point



Additional CHF / Mt.


WLAN Access Point



Additional CHF / Mt.


WLAN Hospitality Access Point

Additional CHF / Mt.


Public WLAN basic

  • Secure third-party WLAN access, outside the corporate network
  • User login via SMS
  • Compliance with legal parameters in the case of misuse
  • 24/7 support for WLAN users

per Access Point (Managed LAN is required)



High-performance Internet

4 product versions with 10 Mbit/s – 1 Gbit/s download/upload

Security options with various service levels

Managed LAN is also available with Business Internet Services XS.


1 Gbit/s

max. down/upload

Fail-safe guarantee

Via the mobile data network in the event of a network fault

Service Level Advanced

Best support times

max. 8h fault
rectification time 
Mon - Fri 6 am - 10 pm
Sat 6 am - 10 pm Guaranteed fault rectification within 8 hours. Compensation in case of non-adherence to the promised rectification time.

From CHF/mth per connection



100 Mbit/s

max. down/upload

Fail-safe guarantee

Via the mobile data network in the event of a network fault

Service Level Plus

Extended support times  Mon - Fri 8 am - 7 pm
Sat 8 am - 5 pm





From CHF/mth per connection



40 Mbit/s

max. down/upload




Service Level Standard

Standard support times  24/7 availability,
Standard support times
Mon - Fri 8 am - 5 pm





From CHF/mth per connection






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