Koller + Morger: Smart ICT

«Not only is the new cloud solution allowing us to work more efficiently, but we are also saving money.»

Martin Sturzenegger, CEO Koller + Morger AG

Keeping an eye on core business

Swiss sheet metal fabricator Koller + Morgen with a total of three sites and around 45 employees performs various jobs for its customers, including punching, chamfering and locksmith work.


For business reasons, the company management decided to take measures to increase efficiency. As part of this endeavour, the company not only merged the three sites in Flawil, but also integrated the IT of a sister company. The requirements with regard to infrastructure, including the computer-controlled high-bay warehouses and machines, as well as data exchange are highly complex.


As operation of the IT and communications infrastructure is outside an industrial company's field of expertise, Koller + Morger decided to outsource IP telephony, cloud organisation, IT security and PC maintenance.

The solution:

Alongside IP telephony, mobile telephony and cloud service, the smart ICT solution chosen also comprises the operation and maintenance of the company’s IT. This includes taking care of two servers, a backup server, the cloud packages for 30 users and support for the same number of PCs with corresponding Office 365 licences. Support is also provided for five printers.


With the cloud solution, all data is stored in Swisscom computer centers. A single support phone number deals with all concerns. The package even includes on-site support by a personal IT manager.

The result:

Having outsourced its entire telephony and IT infrastructure to Swisscom, Koller + Morger can now concentrate fully on its core task. Experience shows that the new cloud solution not only allows employees to collaborate more efficiently, but also leads to cost savings. What’s more, employees always know who they can turn to, as they have just one contact person for everything to do with communication and IT.

Product used

Smart ICT

Outsourcing for SMEs with the modular all-in-one solution for IT, network solution, IP telephony and Internet.


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