“If a customer rings me up and asks me a question, I can find the answer straightaway.”

Raphaël Glauser, director Eric Glauser SA

After a serious IT breakdown, estate agency Eric Glauser SA, based in La Tour-de-Peilz, chose the Smart ICT solution because of the security, flexibility and efficient support that it provides.

Raphaël Glauser joined his father, Eric, as director of this family-run SME, based in La Tour-de-Peilz, in 2011. He gets straight to the heart of the matter: “Previously, our IT system used an internal server, which was managed by an independent specialist”, he explains. “On one occasion, it broke down and we were stuck for eight hours.”

Security – efficiency – flexibility

According to Mr Glauser, the Smart ICT solution that was offered to him by Swisscom partner STI Plus, with which the agency has been working for more than a decade, has three main advantages:

> regular data backups stored in the Swisscom Cloud and transmitted via a secure network, preventing data loss and hacking;

> much greater efficiency thanks to 24/7 data accessibility for all employees, wherever they are;

> an unexpectedly flexible way of working.


In addition, the Swisscom helpdesk is managed by efficient, knowledgeable staff who respond immediately.

Easy to set up and user-friendly

Migration from the old to the new system, carried out by STI Plus, was a seamless process. An expert set up each workstation, explained to each staff member how it worked, and was ready and available to assist once the new system was in place. All the estate agents, who by definition spend a lot of their time out of the office, were given a tablet that they could use to connect to the system remotely. They can therefore access all their files and consult them between meetings, which they find extremely useful. And when they are in the office, they can easily switch to a big screen, with their tablet providing a link to the cloud. “As a young father, I very quickly tested out the benefits of being able to work at home with access to all my files,” explains Raphaël Glauser. “In the morning, for example, I spend about two hours at home, away from all the distractions and phone calls, completing all the jobs that demand my full attention. Then, when I go to the office, I can be available to my team. It’s also great to be able to connect while I’m travelling by train, for example.” The agency’s staff are also gradually discovering the advantages of remote working, not only between meetings but also when returning to the office for an hour or two would be a real waste of time. Being able to access their data at any time is hugely beneficial.

A solution that benefits customers

Raphaël Glauser also believes this new way of working has benefits for his customers: “An SME like ours has to constantly reinvent itself. We are qualified professionals and we offer long-term support thanks to a very low staff turnover rate. Smart ICT enables us to be even more efficient in our dealings with customers. If a customer rings me up and asks me a question, I can connect to the system and find the answer straightaway. And in a meeting with a notary, I can find all the documents I need with just a few clicks. For me, Smart ICT from Swisscom is a guarantee of quality: our IT is in excellent hands. We can work for our customers with greater security, speed and efficiency. And it means I can concentrate on my work.”

Product used

Smart ICT

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