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Employee experience is the new employer branding

Employer branding has now reached most companies, with the aim of finding the best skilled professionals and thus achieving long-term success in an increasingly dynamic world. Employee experience goes one step further – our infographic uses the 6-pillar concept from Glint to visualize which factors are important for improving employee experience in a company.

It has long been accepted that companies should think a lot about their customers and how to ensure the best possible customer experience. The same commitment should be made to staff to improve the employee experience. After all, satisfied employees with ideal working conditions and appropriate technical equipment are just as important for lasting success as satisfied customers. Especially now, when skilled workers are in short supply and recruiting new talent is a challenge, an outstanding employee experience is an important building block.

The following infographic uses the 6-pillar concept (“Glint’s People Success Pillars”) to show how the employee experience can be improved to help your organisation attract new talent and retain staff. The 6-pillar concept encompasses the following features: purpose, empowerment, connection, growth, well-being and clarity.

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The following factors have a positive effect on employee experience:

  • Corporate culture: A good corporate culture is a prerequisite for a good employee experience. It includes an open feedback culture and a management style based on understanding, trust and appreciation.
  • Touchpoints: Well-organised touchpoints with the company contribute significantly to the employee experience. In addition to the main, important touchpoints such as onboarding, further development/training or employee appraisals, there are many small touchpoints in everyday life that companies should consider.
  • Technology: Tools and technology are essential for many employees – whether for their daily work, communication or working on digital processes. Companies therefore introduce new tools and systems for a good communication with employees and ensure that appropriate accompanying measures are in place. However, technology is only a means to an end and remains in the background. People should always be at the forefront.

Improve your employee experience

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