New Way of Working

Is your business ready for digital transformation in the workplace?

New technologies have revolutionised the way we work. The digital transformation of working practices creates specific challenges for companies which also have an impact on corporate culture.

Your journey to smart collaboration

Woman stands in front of business premises smiling and types a message on her smartphone.

Your job in your pocket

Unlimited mobile and agile working

The technology already exists to enable the shift from hybrid home and office working to a solely cloud-based workplace. With your job in your pocket, there are no limits to flexible, mobile working. What is the potential for your business?

Smart Collaboration

Boosting the team’s productivity

Moderne Arbeitsmodelle und neue Technologien steigern die Produktivität, geben Raum für innovative Ideen und vereinfachen die Zusammenarbeit in interdisziplinären Teams. Wie schaffen wir eine entsprechend kreative Unternehmenskultur?

Woman with curly hair and man with beard look happily at a screen. Man types on a keyboard.
Man in a grey shirt sits in an office in front of 2 monitors that are running a video-cutting program. He is wearing a virtual reality headset and is pointing to the right with his right hand.

Experience of work

Integrating pioneering technologies raises performance

Modern tools are combined with new technologies, such as IoT, AI and specific applications, allowing you to improve workplace functions and simplify everyday working life for your employees.

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Swisscom solutions

Shape the modern workplace with us.

Swisscom offers you extensive workplace solutions to facilitate modern working.

Simplify working life with new technologies.

We help your employees achieve higher productivity and support your business on its journey to the workplace of the future.

What the experts say

  • «Learning is the key to any change. The right environment is the key to learning.»

    Prof. Dr. Andres Pfister

    Professor of Leadership, Coaching and Change-Management

    Portrait Dr. Andres Pfister
  • «There is no single new workplace model towards which everyone must move.»  

    Nadia Rahim, CEO itnetX

    Portrait Nadia Rahim

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