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The workplace of the future is no longer tied to a specific place, time or device.

The right workplace for you will depend on a number of factors, including company size, ways of working, working models and individual requirements. Explore our comprehensive range of modern workplace solutions, from outtasking and outsourcing through to special solutions.

Technology and culture are key

Our modern workplace solutions simplify onboarding and enable secure and efficient management of your IT workstations. Your employees can thus collaborate efficiently and securely, increase productivity and create scope for innovation.

Let us help you design your individual, modern working environment with a focus on your core business. Leave the time-consuming tasks associated with hardware and software deployment and maintenance to us, and discover our additional services.

The cultural factor is just as important as finding the right technical solution. Embracing cultural change is key to establishing new ways of working at a company. We are happy to accompany you on this path and share our experiences with you.

Why Swisscom is your ideal partner for the modern workplace

You will be assigned your personal contact person and have access to a large selection of modern, needs-oriented, modular workplace solutions.

Benefit from our experience in change management to ensure that cultural change is fully embraced by your company.

Take advantage of our highly secure Swiss data centres and cloud solutions or opt for a global cloud provider.

Our assessment and consulting services

Possible use cases for the modern workplace

Customer requirements

For its new generation of workplaces, COFRA was looking for an IT partner who could deliver modern workplace solutions, including management, for its global device population. In addition, the solutions needed to work in every country without a separate infrastructure.

The support offered by Swisscom

COFRA employees set up their new laptops themselves online without any IT support and within just one hour. All they need is a working internet connection.

Customer requirements

Rolf Schubiger Küchen AG was looking for an affordable integrated ICT solution to implement new requirements flexibly. It was important that the replacement caused minimal disruption to ongoing operations.

The support offered by Swisscom

All services, including the network, security, data centres, applications and modern workplace services, are perfectly harmonised. Swisscom takes care of IT procurement and ongoing maintenance and provides a perfectly functioning infrastructure.

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