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Swisscom Mobile ID

Login, digital signature or declaration of intent:
Simple and secure with Swisscom Mobile ID

A solution for everyone

Business customer

Mobile ID makes your solutions more secure and helps you improve your user experience. Using Mobile ID gives you access to the eID ecosystem and to digital signatures and authorisations, based on a secure two-factor authentication process.

Private customer

Log in, provide a digital signature or verify requests conventiently, securely and quickly with the Mobile ID PIN on your smartphone

Mobile ID opens new doors on the web


No printing, sending letters or scanning: with an electronic signature, everything is digital, legally secure and online.


Whether you’re conducting official business, using healthcare services or concluding contracts in combination with a digital signature: eID makes it possible.


As a KEY, Mobile ID is not only highly secure but also user-friendly, based on a state-of-the-art two-factor authentication process.


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Why Mobile ID pays off for businesses

  • Secure

    Doubly protected login thanks to PIN code and smartphone access.


    Secure login with no long codes or SMS verification.

  • Convenient

    Everything controllable via smartphone.


    Confirm records, accept conditions, transfer sensitive data: securely and easily.

  • One ID, many uses

    Provide digital signatures, log in and verify requests for business or as a private individual.


    Transparent costs, billed monthly per active user.

What can you do with Mobile ID?


Network access

No tokens, roll-outs or maintenance of hardware or apps. Use Mobile ID as an easy way to implement VPN or remote desktop solutions.

Web portals

Mobile ID enables your customers to authenticate themselves easily and securely. You can therefore increase the number of logged-in users compared with guests and strengthen your customer relations.


Password reset

Efficient and effective: your customers can reset passwords directly themselves with no hotline or e-mails.


The integrated security of the two-factor authentication process combined with a signature service turns your mobile phone into a digital pen for signing contracts.

Collaborative systems

Secure your information systems with Mobile ID to ensure easy access for users while protecting your data.


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As a private customer, you can benefit from various functions with Mobile ID:

Login – Sign – Confirm

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