Threat Intelligence Darknet

Keeping the dark side of the web under control

The darknet is more than just a place for dubious characters to deal weapons. Important commercial information increasingly turns up there. Find out how businesses can protect themselves from this.

Ann-Kristin Koch,

It’s 5 o’clock on Friday evening and the management meeting has finished. Before going home, one of the managers quickly e-mails the internal documents to their private address so that they can look at the innovations from the R&D department at leisure over the weekend. What they don't know is that the same evening, this confidential information will be for sale on the darknet.

All too frequently, cybercriminals gain access to sensitive data – often via compromised social media or e-mail accounts. Users often have the same password for different e-mail addresses, social networks and their business profile. This small act of carelessness poses a great security risk and can be exploited in many ways, for example for industrial espionage or selling insider information.

Heading off threats

One way to counteract this is to raise staff awareness and take precautions. Professional attacks must be proactively identified and fought off with the help of security experts. A targeted search of the net and all its hidden chambers can reveal valuable information in time to prevent the worst from happening. Many CEOs are shocked by what the experts they appoint find there: passwords, credit card details, M&A details, social media profiles and indications of planned attacks such as DDoS attacks. Targeted searches like this require the appropriate expertise and experience. Cyrill Peter, Head of Product Management Enterprise Network & Security, says: “As a major local network and infrastructure operator which uses big data and threat intelligence, we immediately recognise suspicious patterns and anomalies.” Every month, Swisscom detects and blocks millions of malware attacks and several thousand attacks on business clients and private customers.

Infiltrating the darknet

However, deliberately searching the net for sensitive data and analysing the current threat situation are only two components of a successful protection strategy. Simply knowing that product patents are for sale on the darknet does not in itself do any good. This is where security specialists come in, who act as infiltrators in the dark corners of the internet. These are highly specialised experts who know how anonymous marketplaces work, how to pay with cryptocurrency and how to get the state authorities involved. Swisscom has more than 100 security experts, which means it can offer companies a comprehensive threat intelligence service.

Threat Detection & Response

Companies which want professional oversight and control of the current threat situation can rely on Threat Detection & Response from Swisscom. From simply analysing and reporting on threats in a dashboard, to recommending actions, to deployments on site, Swisscom and its more than 100 security experts offer everything necessary to provide companies with all-round protection.


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