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Is your business mobile phone or device broken or damaged? Find out if the damage is covered by Easy Protection Business and what you can do.

Your device is damaged: next step

  1. Start the process for a device swap online in your own device inventory(opens in new tab) (opens up a new window). If you complete the steps by 4.30 pm on a regular working day, we will usually deliver a new, equivalent replacement device to the delivery address of your choice in Switzerland on the following working day.
  2. After receiving the replacement device, you simply send the defective device back to Swisscom free of charge within 15 working days using the business reply label included with the replacement device.
  3. Alternatively, you can take your device to your nearest Swisscom Shop. We will repair or replace your smartphone as part of the normal repair process.

The Swisscom device guarantee (or Easy Protection Business for insurance claims) will cover you for a device swap online in the device inventory or a repair in the Swisscom Shop.

Please note: The repair for a damaged device must always be arranged by Swisscom. This is the only way to ensure that the Swisscom device warranty or Easy Protection Business covers the costs.

What does the insurance cover?

Easy Protection Business provides cover for different scenarios:

  1. Drop and display damage
    Example: you drop your mobile phone and the display shatters.
  2. Water damage
    Example: you drop your mobile phone in the bath and it no longer works.
  3. Device swap directly in your device inventory
  4. Express repair at the Swisscom Repair Center or by a Swisscom repair partner with free replacement device for the duration of the repair (incl. data transfer).
  5. Max. 1 provision of services per contract year and device.
Theft (incl. loss) is not insured and is normally covered by household insurance. Please contact your household insurer for this.

When can I take out Easy Protection Business?

You always have the option to take out Easy Protection Business device insurance when you purchase new mobile devices from Swisscom with an Enterprise Mobile subscription.


Easy Protection Business costs CHF 14.90 per month incl. VAT.

More information is available in our general terms and conditions(opens in new tab).

The excess in the event of a claim is CHF 70.– incl. VAT for devices with a new price of less than CHF 850.– (list price without promotions or subsidies). For devices with a new price of CHF 850.– or more, the excess is CHF 100.– incl. VAT.

More information is available in our general terms and conditions(opens in new tab).

Easy Protection Business has a minimum contract period of 12 months. If an Easy Protection Business service is used within the first 12 months, the minimum contract period is extended by a further 12 months.

Easy Protection Business has a fixed term of 12 months (minimum contract period) and can be cancelled by either party without notice at the end of the minimum contract period. If you do not give notice of termination, Easy Protection Business will be renewed for an indefinite period and may be cancelled by either party without notice.

If a claim is made, the Easy Protection Business term will be extended by 1 additional year after the minimum contract period has expired.

You must pay your bill on time. If an extended warranty claim is made while you are in arrears with payment, you will not be entitled to the services provided under Easy Protection Business.

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