Swisscom Public WLAN

Surf the internet with your tablet, notebook or smartphone at hotspots. With Swisscom public WLAN, you can surf the web, refresh emails and edit documents at hotspots throughout Switzerland using your tablet, notebook or smartphone.

How it works: Surf at a hotspot in just a few clicks

As soon as you are close to a hotspot, you can easily connect your device over the 'Swisscom' SSID code, follow the instructions on the Login page and starting surfing in the Internet. You decide whether your smartphone, tablet PC or notebook is to be automatically connected to the WLAN.

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Hotspots near you

Swisscom public WLAN hotspots are already available at more than 2,100 locations throughout Switzerland.

Surf for free with Enterprise Mobile

Enterprise Mobile clients surf for free at hotspots.

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