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Cloud solutions for Swiss SMEs

Calculate whether a cloud solution is worthwhile for your SME.​

What difference can the cloud really make? Every SME needs a solid digitisation strategy today, with ideas for the future. But cloud solutions are so diverse that it’s often not that easy for the company management to decide on a strategy or implement it. And many people don’t realise that you can also start by taking small steps, without a major initial investment.

Combining local company servers with cloud solutions

A complete move to the cloud is not always the best solution. It is easy to combine your on-premise server with suitable cloud solutions. Our experienced teams can support your company on site from the initial strategy through to operation, depending on your requirements, for a complete cloud solution or a hybrid option that also includes your systems on site.

Swisscom: a good cloud partner for your SME

Local support

Our experienced Swisscom experts and IT partners provide complete support, even on site if necessary.

Extensive expertise

We can support you with any issues you have, drawing on the experience of our experts in implementing cloud projects.

Adaptable solutions

You benefit from cloud solutions that cover your specific needs and can be adapted flexibly to new situations.

Our cloud solutions for your SME

Dynamic Computing Services (DCS)

For SMEs that want to store their data in a Swiss cloud.

Microsoft Azure Cloud

For SMEs with intensive computing processes or high technical requirements.

Managed Backup

For SMEs who want expert support with backups.

Is the cloud profitable for my SME?

Calculate with our calculator whether a cloud solution is worthwhile for your SME. As a result, you will receive a cost comparison and further information about the cloud.

Why SMEs trust the cloud


Der Weg in die Cloud: Was die Cloud Ihrem KMU bringt

Was bringt Ihnen die Cloud wirklich? Jedes KMU benötigt heute eine solide Digitalisierungsstrategie, mit Ideen für die Zukunft. Cloud-Lösungen sind aber so vielfältig, dass es für die Geschäftsleitung oft gar nicht so einfach ist, sich für eine Strategie zu entscheiden oder diese weiterzuführen. Was viele nicht wissen: der Einstieg ist auch schrittweise möglich, grosse Anfangsinvestitionen braucht es nicht.

  • So profitiert Ihr KMU im Geschäftsalltag von der Cloud
  • Praxisbeispiele von Cloud-Lösungen bei KMU
  • Welches sind die konkreten Schritte auf dem Weg in die Cloud?

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Is your SME ready for the cloud?

Answer these 6 questions to find out how ready your SME is for the cloud. And the ideal next steps.

Cloud knowledge – overview

Discover the most important cloud terms and their definitions in our interactive glossary. Understand the basics of cloud solutions even if you are unfamiliar with the technology.

Why SMEs trust the cloud

Your challenge

You want to adapt the capacities of your IT infrastructure to seasonal fluctuations, additional employees or challenging data analysis quickly and at short notice.

Our solution

We provide the computing power and storage space you need quickly. And reduce it again when you no longer need it.

Your challenge

You want to manage sensitive business data securely, know it is protected from threats and stay focused on the core tasks of your company.

Our solution

Our cloud security specialists take care of your data. Continuous training ensures our knowledge is always up to date.

Your challenge

You want a digitisation strategy with a solid cloud solution that enables digital transformation, aligned with your business goals and individual needs.

Our solution

Together with you and our local IT partners, we develop a suitable strategy and plan its step-by-step implementation.

Your challenge

You want contact persons who support your IT infrastructure-related incidents or issues and deliver swift solutions.

Our solution

You can depend on our local partner network on site and clearly defined responsibilities. Your contact persons at Swisscom are on hand to ensure that your issues are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Your challenge

You want to plan your IT expenditure reliably and avoid unexpected costs. You want to reduce high investments in hardware as much as possible.

Our solution

Your SME can adjust the agreed services at any time; you only pay for what you use.

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