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What difference can the cloud really make? Every SME needs a solid digitisation strategy today, with ideas for the future. But cloud solutions are so diverse that it’s often not that easy for the company management to decide on a strategy or implement it. And many people don’t realise that you can also start by taking small steps, without a major initial investment.

Swisscom: a good cloud partner for your SME

Local support

Our experienced Swisscom experts and IT partners provide complete support, even on site if necessary.

Extensive expertise

We can support you with any issues you have, drawing on the experience of our experts in implementing cloud projects.

Adaptable solutions

You benefit from cloud solutions that cover your specific needs and can be adapted flexibly to new situations.

  • ICT professionals need to maintain ongoing ICT operations under increasing cost pressures, while confronted with ever more complex technological and organisational issues.

    MSM Research, Multi Cloud Usage, 2020

  • 70% of Swiss companies that procure external ICT services use cloud solutions.

    MSM Research, Multi Cloud Usage, 2020

  • Cloud platforms play an important role in navigating IT organisations through crisis and ensuring resilience of operations.

    IDC, Public Cloud Service Market in Switzerland, 2020

Our cloud solutions for your SME

Dynamic Computing Services (DCS)

For SMEs that want to store their data in a Swiss cloud.

Microsoft Azure Cloud

For SMEs with intensive computing processes or high technical requirements.

Managed Backup

For SMEs who want expert support with backups.

Swisscom myCloud

For people in smaller SMEs who want to access their personal data from anywhere.

Ist Ihr Data Center bereit für die Zukunft?

Is the cloud profitable for my SME?

Calculate with our calculator whether a cloud solution is worthwhile for your SME. As a result, you will receive a cost comparison and further information about the cloud.

Why SMEs trust the cloud


Respond to changes swiftly

Your challenge

You want to adapt the capacities of your IT infrastructure to seasonal fluctuations, additional employees or challenging data analysis quickly and at short notice.

Our solution

We provide the computing power and storage space you need quickly. And reduce it again when you no longer need it.


Keep your data protected at all times

Digitisation strategy

A strategically aligned approach


Concrete processes and fast progress


Keep costs manageable

Certified IT partners


Local service whenever you need it

Local IT partners will advise you on our products and services and provide implementation support.

Does the cloud also make sense for your SME? Speak to our cloud experts.