Multi Device – use multiple devices with one mobile subscription

How Multi SIM works with your Enterprise Mobile subscription

We understand the needs of employees who are often on the road.

They want to be able to use various devices at the same time and work easily and securely. High performance and security are the fundamental requirements for our clear, transparent SME solution, which minimises your workload – Multi Device for Enterprise Mobile.

Additional SIM card for tablets, laptops and other devices

Connect laptops, tablets, smartwatches and other additional devices with your Enterprise Mobile subscription and use multiple SIM cards or eSIM with one telephone number. This ensures you are online any time and anywhere – on Switzerland's best mobile network1.

Multi Device is perfect for your SME

Use up to 5 additional devices at the same time, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, watches, trackers or sensors. Simply order the corresponding SIM or activate your eSIM. Everything is charged to your Enterprise Mobile telephone number and is clearly presented on your invoice.

The Multi Device option ensures that are always connected wherever you are, whatever device you are currently using. You can be reached at all times and have a permanent connection; you enjoy the convenience you are used to and can set up your additional devices with ease.

The options, data and voice packages that you add apply to all the devices associated with the phone number and therefore only need to be ordered once. You receive just one bill for your telephone number, covering the usage of all your devices.

Use a separate SIM card for each additional device, or eSIM. You can use all your devices with the one telephone number; you can even use them all at the same time.

Public Wi-Fi networks may pose a security risk, result in data leaks or be used for cyberattacks. Using the mobile network excludes unsecured Wi-Fi networks from the outset.

Order Multi Device

Order Multi Device for your mobile subscription and surf and make calls on up to 5 additional devices using your existing phone number.

Price per additional device per month
CHF excl. VAT


Is Multi Device already included in your subscription?

The following Enterprise Mobile subscriptions include the use of one or more additional devices.

  • Enterprise Mobile Swiss: 1 additional device included
  • Enterprise Mobile Europe: 2 additional devices included
  • Enterprise Mobile Europe advanced and Intercontinental: 4 additional devices included
  • Enterprise Mobile Global: 5 additional devices included

Activate eSIM

If your additional device has an eSIM, you will need to activate this in My Swisscom Business.

Order SIM card

If your additional device requires a physical SIM card, you can order this free of charge online.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can activate Multi Device in just a few easy steps

No. Multi Device is intended for personal use by a single individual. All devices can be contacted using the same telephone number. Anyone with access to your additional device can use your services at home and abroad and has access to the Swisscom Cockpit, for example. They can make changes to the settings for your devices there.

Swisscom assumes no liability and gives no guarantee for the function of third-party services (such as third-party instant messaging or apps) with Multi Device. iMessage is supported for Multi Device. To receive iMessages and SMS on multiple devices, you need to set this up in your Apple device settings using your Apple ID.

Yes, you can. All additional devices can be contacted using the same telephone number as the main line. Incoming calls are simultaneously displayed on all devices (parallel ringing). Note that the additional device must support the telephony function.

The Enterprise Mobile subscription tariffs apply to all the additional devices used. Example: with an Enterprise Mobile Europe subscription, all additional devices can use the roaming credit in Europe that is included in the subscription price. Once a data package is activated in the Swisscom Cockpit, the package applies to all the additional devices.

1 Best mobile network in Switzerland, test winner of CHIP mobile network test 4/2023.

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