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International communication for SMEs – call and Internet charges abroad

Avoid surprises when making calls and surfing abroad

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Explore all the included allowances and special rates for your SME employee mobile subscriptions. If you need more than the allowance included with your subscription, you can purchase additional call minutes, SMS and data for mobile use abroad easily online.

Additional data package

Should you need more data than is included in your allowance, additional data packages are available to purchase as required. You can thus keep costs under control when sending SMS messages, surfing and making calls.

Additional call packages

Our call packages are designed to help you keep costs down when using your phone abroad. Different call packages are available depending on the ‘zone’ in which you are located.

SMS packages

If you need to send a high number of SMS messages, opt for the Message Travel Package. With this option, you can send up to 100 SMS for a fixed price, wherever you are.

Frequently Asked Questions

Roaming is simply the act of using your device abroad; that is, in a foreign mobile provider’s network. The mobile network operator charges Swisscom for your Internet usage, calls made and messages sent on the third-party network.

Before embarking on your trip, set roaming limits for surfing, calls and SMS. You can do this in Swisscom Cockpit under ‘Costs’. Check that you have sufficient allowance left for your trip. If you have already used up your allowance or your subscription does not include an allowance, we recommend purchasing a data package.

The simplest way is to switch to a mobile subscription that includes unlimited surfing, calls and SMS/MMS while travelling outside of Switzerland. If your subscription does not include an allowance or you have already used it up, we recommend purchasing a package for use abroad. This is valid for 12 months, giving you time to use the credit you have purchased.

If you are close to the Swiss border, devices may automatically connect to a foreign mobile phone network. This can also happen some distance from the border; for example, in the Lake Geneva region or mountain regions (Jura, Alpstein, Grisons or Valais Alps). The reason for this is that the signals from EU mobile networks can be stronger in these regions than signals from within Switzerland. To avoid roaming costs, we recommend the Enterprise Mobile Europe or Europe advanced subscriptions. Alternatively, you can turn off automatic network selection on your device.

You will find more general information about roaming on our Help page for Swisscom Residential Customers: Roaming: Using mobile phones abroad.

All tariffs and details such as data packages or Multi Device options can be found on our current price list for our Enterprise Mobile subscriptions.

In your Cockpit you will find a clear overview of everything you need to know about tariffs, credit, roaming and more.

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