Asperger Informatik AG

Success Story of Asperger Informatik AG

«Office 365 allows us to be very flexible and to collaborate at any time and from anywhere.»

Susan Conza,
Managing Director of Asperger Informatik AG

End-to-end solution from a single source

The initial situation: no proper overview and no synchronization

People with Asperger personalities are often highly gifted and have exceptional analytical abilities. They are seldom involved in face-to-face contact with customers, team meetings or verbal communications, which means that the employees are all the more dependent on professional, electronic means of communication when they collaborate with others. To date, Asperger Informatik AG has used Swisscom’s Hosted Exchange Professional, with SharePoint and the Office licences obtained from other providers. “Share- Point was not compatible with Exchange and for this reason the diary and task lists had to be duplicated,” explains Susan Conza, Managing Director of Asperger Informatik AG.

The solution: Office 365 from Swisscom as a complete package

Memory bottlenecks and duplicated diaries or tasks lists are now a thing of the past with the Microsoft Office 365 Small Business Premium package. This is because the Microsoft Office 365 provides structure, organisation and transparency. The solution brings together Exchange, SharePoint and Lync plus all the familiar Office applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The package was successfully implemented by Swisscom’s partner HFN Installationen AG.

Customer benefits: a platform for simple and flexible collaboration

With Microsoft Office 365, documents and task lists are mapped in virtual spaces and assigned to the corresponding users. “This has improved team work considerably and we are less dependent on personal contact with customers and team meetings, ”explains Susan Conza. Parallel to this, flexibility for IT operations is one of the most important advantages of Office 365: “We have a small but very unconventional and modern corporate structure with home workstations. Office 365 from Swisscom allows us to be very flexible and to collaborate at any time and from anywhere, without major installation work.”

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