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Success Story of QualiRisk AG

«The bulk of our business comprises e-mail traffic. Optimal networking with customers, companies and, of course, our employees is therefore essential for us. We want it to be possible to reach us quickly and conveniently anytime and anywhere. It is crucial for us that we have the widest possible choice of the required communication tools. Office 365 meets these needs perfectly.»

Jonathan Nicollier,
IT Manager at QualiRisk AG

The reasons behind our choice

We require the provision of the same data at the same time in an uncomplicated manner on multiple devices (smartphone, workstation, tablet, etc.). The cloud-based Exchange Online of Office 365 provides us with this. As IT is such a central element of our business, we also need to be able to rely on the provider and get quick and uncomplicated support should we experience problems. Swisscom offers us this support and we value this greatly.


  • E-mails can be accessed from anywhere
  • Contacts are automatically updated on systems and devices (smartphones, PCs, etc.)
  • Calendar is available online: the many part-time employees of QualiRisk are able to coordinate their activities online and arrange customer appointments at any time
  • Exchange Online does not need to be managed itself and updates itself independently
  • 25 GB are available per mailbox. QualiRisk requires large mailboxes, as a large part of its business comprises e-mail traffic


Microsoft® Office 365 (Exchange Online)