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Success Story of abc Production

«With myfactory, we can create watertight accounts on site – even on the day of the event.»

Kurt Bucher,
COO, abc Production

Cloud-based ERP for a fast-moving business

While the crowds in the indoor arena and other concert venues listen ecstatically to the bands, backstage – just a few metres away – the staff of abc Production are busy finalising the accounts for the artists. Part of the service that Switzerland’s largest concert agency provides is to ensure that, on the day of the event itself, everyone knows exactly how the takings will be divided.

In order to carry out this dynamic task in the temporary on-site office, abc Production relies on the cloud-based ERP solution myfactory. It enables the staff to access and work on all current documents as if they were sitting in their own offices at the company’s headquarters. Thanks to Swisscom’s secure server and connection infrastructure, documents that are often highly confidential enjoy the best possible protection.

myfactory – the “office in the cloud” – proves its worth nowhere better than in the hectic everyday world of show business. User-friendly, robust, available and flexible, it is an indispensable companion in the Swiss concert industry.

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