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«When everything’s going well, nobody thinks to ask about data protection.»

Water in the server room – a nightmare for any SME. And for Christof Lutz, managing director of Wilcowa AG construction machines, who was impelled to improve his company’s data security after an incident of water damage.


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People having a meeting

«The cloud gives us freedom and enables us to innovate.»

Colortime SA and Isella & Foletti SA recently joined forces. Offering a comprehensive range of services, the new company is building an even stronger presence in the painting and plastering market. The merger has provided it with an ideal opportunity to tackle digitisation and concentrate fully on its core business.


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Koller + Morger

At Koller + Morger AG, three sites were merged, and along with this business move came the decision to outsource the IT and telecommunications infrastructure. This modern cloud solution not only increases work efficiency, but also reduces costs.


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Menzli Sport

Menzli Sport’s central IT system, with its unpredictable operating costs, needed to be replaced. At the same time, Gian Marco Menzli opted for a new communications solution that brought significant benefits for his staff and customers.


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Jack Wolfskin Stores.

The AWK Group is a leading Swiss ICT consultancy firm. To ensure an efficient and straightforward exchange of data, it relies on Storebox – the secure Cloud storage solution from Swisscom.


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Huber Kunststoff AG

Huber Kunststoff AG

Huber Kunststoff AG operates its tool manufacturing ERP software in the Azure Cloud – with Swisscom as cloud service provider. This enables the company to work faster and gives it the room it needs to grow.


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abc Production

Prepare comprehensive accounts anywhere and protect confidential documents.

Air Zermatt

Send highly sensitive data more quickly and securely.


dplan AG

Agile computing power, storage space and managed services as required from the Swisscom Cloud.

ARTE Verdana

Easier communication with customers and more efficient admin work.

Asperger Informatik AG

Making day-to-day work easier and promoting collaboration.

Chrischona international

Easier cross-border communication and centralised administration.

DD Consulting

Process and store large quantities of data more efficiently.

Eidgenössisches Schwing- und Älplerfest

Guaranteeing seamless communication with no existing infrastructure.

Emmentaler Schaukäserei

Lower costs despite high complexity.

Imholz Autohaus AG

Needs-based IT infrastructure at all times and more efficient processes.


React more flexibly to growth and easily integrate external partners.

MEV Schweiz AG

Flexibly react to changes and put collaboration on the right track.

Nailstudio Dietikon

Easily create and adapt your own website.

QualiRisk AG

Be contactable anywhere and network with customers.

Restaurant Hirschen

State-of-the-art infrastructure for guests, simpler reservation procedures for staff.


Simpler international communication and meeting individual requirements.

Zofinger Tagblatt

Seamless communication on all channels and access to data from anywhere.

Jack Wolfskin Stores

New freedoms with fixed network telephony.

Spitex Nebikon-Altishofen


A comprehensive service for a fixed monthly price.


Menzli Sport


Smooth collaboration thanks to branch networking and cloud-based IT

Koller + Morger


Secure professional IT infrastructure operation hosted in the cloud


Hausärzte Willisau

Hausärzte Willisau


Smart ICT and blue TV Host



Trewitax AG


Flexible thanks to the cloud

Wilcowa AG


Managed Backup – Secure backups for your data.


Novoglace AG


Smart ICT from Swisscom


Aergera care home


blue TV Host advanced


Garage Klaus


Smart ICT with mobile Internet access

Balex SA


Smart ICT from Swisscom


Eric Glauser SA


Smart ICT as a complete solution


The Base Nyon hotel


blueTV Host advanced


Kappeler AG


Smart ICT from Swisscom



Huber Kunststoff AG


Microsoft Azure from Swisscom


Walliser Industrie­ und Handelskammer

Valais Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Smart ICT from Swisscom


Municipality of Riederalp


ICT for the public sector from Swisscom



Gasthaus zum Gupf


Smart ICT, blue TV Host, Inhouse Mobile Services



dahlia Langnau residential and nursing home

blue TV Host




Dr. Gurtner AG

Managed Security


MediTest Pharma Swiss SA

Smart ICT


Hotel Ambassador

blue TV Host



Smart ICT

ManagImmos GmbH

ManagImmos GmbH

Integrated ICT solution

hausaerzte willisau

Inrag AG

Smart ICT

hausaerzte willisau

Süsse Tortenträume

Business POS

hausaerzte willisau

Hotel Casa Berno

Smart ICT, blue TV Host, Managed Backup