Menzli Sport

“Response times are now shorter, so customers can enjoy their winter holidays with good customer service.”

Gian Marco Menzli owner Menzli Sport

Smooth collaboration thanks to branch networking and cloud-based IT

Menzli Sport’s central IT system, with its unpredictable operating costs, needed to be replaced. At the same time, Gian Marco Menzli opted for a new communications solution that brought significant benefits for his staff and customers.

The challenge: increasing expectations for customer service

Multi-location services are part of Menzli Sport’s everyday business, which is why seamless data synchronisation between different branches is especially important.

The result: fast response times and satisfied customers

By replacing its entire IT and communications solution, the company ensured that operational costs would no longer cause unpleasant surprises. The new cloud-based communications solution enables it to respond to queries more quickly, not just by telephone or e-mail, but also via chat. The customers love it.

Product used

Smart Business Connect

The combi package for Internet, telephony and service for SMEs with advanced telephony requirements.


Business Network Solutions

Offers you a secure, modern and flexible network solution that can you can continuously adapt to the specific needs of your SME.

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