“I don’t have time
to worry about IT.
It just needs to work.”

Roger Truffer, Owner Novoglace AG

Novoglace AG was the rst Valais-based company to hand over its computer and telephone operations to Smart ICT. The comprehensive solution provided by Swisscom and NETKUM saves time, money and stress.

At last, SMEs can relax when it comes to ICT

“Hi, I’m Roger.” Roger Truffer greets us in a warm, down-to-earth manner in front of his o ce. He is the owner of Novoglace AG in Visp. Around two years ago, the company, which specialises in e cient, environment-friendly refrigeration, air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems, moved into this expansive new building in the west of the city. They built virtually everything themselves, says a proud Roger Truffer. But they lacked expertise in one important area: computer and telephone infrastructure.

ICT plays a key role in business success

“Phones, computers and the Internet are the lifeblood of our business” begins Roger Truffer. Customers can contact Novoglace AG round the clock via an emergency call-out number. “A fast response is an absolute must” says Truffer. “If the refrigerators in a large food warehouse break down, for example, it can cost millions.” The ERP system is also a vital tool for the company, which uses it to store and manage quotes, purchases, stock, project data, invoices and much more besides. It needs to work reliably and be up to date at all times.

How do we relieve the pressure?

Roger Truffer is too busy to spend time worrying about telephony and IT: “ICT is a tool that simply has to work when I use it, like a hammer. I don’t want to know what a hammer looks like inside!” Until recently, ICT caused him a fair amount of stress. “We had di erent contact partners for IT and telephony, and it was often unclear who was responsible for what. When problems arose, responsibility would be shifted back and forth. On-site support also disrupted our operations and it was hard to budget for the costs. Every ve years or so, we had to invest between CHF 50,000 and CHF 60,000 in infrastructure, for example. And because data quantities were constantly increasing, we were paying more and more for external data storage.” Roger Truffer had lost some of his faith in the ICT industry, so he looked for a new solution that would be easy to budget for.

We found the right tool fast

The answer was not far away: the son of an employee, who works for Swisscom, told Roger Truffer about Smart ICT. It was an easy decision: “Smart ICT won me over. And I know the people behind the product personally. Together with its local partner NETKUM, Swisscom devised a project that met all my requirements.” What are the main bene ts of Smart ICT? “Our ERP specialist NETKUM looks after and maintains the software. The combination with servers in Swisscom data centres in Switzerland ensures that our processes run quickly and securely. Swisscom provides us with a single support number for everything. The vast majority of issues are resolved remotely within ten minutes. The xed price saves us around CHF 20,000 a year – and we get a full set of new hardware every three or four years. And Smart ICT is secure. Big companies have been using it successfully for years.” The only drawback is that Novoglace cannot simply add new software to the system, since this needs to be agreed rst with Swisscom. A crucial rule that keeps the system stable.

Progress with speed, security and expertise

Smart ICT helps Novoglace to showcase its qualities in the market. In Valais, the company is renowned for its transparent quotes, speedy work and clear documentation. Roger Truffer is convinced that its customers also bene t indirectly from its reliable, secure ICT solution: “I feel a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders” he concludes. “Our ICT is nally manageable and I don’t have to worry about it anymore. Smart ICT gives us speed, security and expertise – I would recommend it to any fellow businessman.”

Product used

Smart ICT

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