Shaping a data-driven future

    Connecting technologies & data: co-creation workshop

Is your core business under pressure? Are your margins and turnover going in the wrong direction? Do you want to challenge and actively shape your business model? Or would you like to explore new possibilities?


Using design thinking methods, we will work together to develop new ideas and business models to help you meet your business challenges and bring technologies and data into balance.

A four-step process
A step-by-step approach to taking practical measures for your business

Customer Insights – We prepare using insights about your current business model in our first meeting with your directors:


  • Conduct a detailed analysis of your added value.
  • Learn about the dynamics and peculiarities of your industry.
  • Compare your financial indicators with those of companies facing similar challenges.
  • Analyse maturity in terms of digitalisation, process optimisation and data handling.

Preliminary discussion – we develop a target picture together


  • Challenge your business model: In a discussion with the C-level of your company, we challenge your current business model.
  • Developing a target picture: Together we develop a target picture for future value creation, your ecosystem and your target customers.
  • Examine the use of technology and data: We examine the use of new technologies (e.g. IoT, AI, Cloud) and, in doing so, shed light on the role of corporate data.

Pilot project – validating assumptions and simulations


  • Implementation of concrete pilot projects based on the workshop results.
  • Validation of the assumptions and simulations from the workshops.
  • Gathering experience in dealing with new technologies.
  • Development of valuable results for transfer to further projects.

Ideation workshops – using Design Thinking methods we develop Pains & Gains


  • Concrete "Pains" are worked out with the parties involved in the target image.
  • Derived from this: "Gains" that arise through the use of technology.
  • Simulation of future value creation using mock-ups and/or video sequences.
  • The future picture is sharpened and a roadmap of possible projects including prioritisation is drawn up.

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