Core Banking Radar – Basic Workshop

In Switzerland, banks have the choice between different licensable core banking systems. The systems differ in their functionality, architecture, operability, strategy, development focuses and a lot more.

Swisscom, as a neutral system integrator and operator of various core banking systems, and the Business Engineering Institute (BEI), as a scientific advisor for methods expertise and reference models, have come up with the first systematic overview of the core banking systems on the Swiss market. This gives banks a guidebook and provides support in selecting core banking systems.

The Basic Workshop presents the general lessons learned from the Core Banking Radar and provides more in-depth information about a selected core banking system. A more detailed consideration and comparison of selected core banking systems will take place, if desired, in follow-up workshops.


The Swisscom Core Banking Radar for Switzerland
COOs, CIOs, IT managers or architects of banks. The workshops are carried out on a bank-by-bank basis.
Group size
Approx. 2-3 participants from Swisscom and BEI. The number of participants from the bank is optional.
Duration and costs
1-2 h, 200 CHF
Required preparation
No preparation is required.
Please tell us your selected core banking system so that we can look at it in more depth.
Location of event
By arrangement – either on your premises or in a Swisscom office
Date By arrangement

Contents/course of events

Presentation of the general lessons learned of the Core Banking Radar: 

       Which innovations are the manufacturers of core banking systems
          focused ons

       Which functions of the systems are in a very advanced stage of

       Which functions of the systems are still at an early stage

       Where are the significant differences and commonalities between
          the core banking systems

       Which functionalities are covered by peripheral systems

       In which areas can we expect the greatest leaps in development
          over the next 12 months

       Detailed consideration of the functions as well as non-functional criteria
          such as operability, security, architecture, supply availability and
          ecosystem for a selected core banking system.

       Which survey and selection criteria methodology is the Core Banking
          Radar based on

       Basic information about and short description of each manufacturer

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