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Well Architected Review

  • Well-Architected Reviews by Swisscom

    Review your cloud workloads and align with best practices

Are you Well-Architected?

More and more companies are moving their applications and data to the cloud to benefit from its advantages such as agility, speed and service richness. They initially start with a small number of workloads and constantly grow over time. After a while, the IT environment gets more complex. Often the initial goals are not fully achieved, and many customers ask themselves the question:


"Am I doing the right thing"?


That’s where the Well-Architected Review comes into play.  


The Well-Architected Framework consists out of 5 pillars and documents a set of foundational questions that allow you to understand if a specific architecture aligns well with cloud best practices.  

Operational Excellence

Running and monitoring systems


Protecting information and systems and assets


Prevent and quickly recover from failures

Performance Efficiency

Using IT and computing resources efficiently



Avoid or eliminate unnecessary costs 

This is what you get

A certified cloud architect evaluates your environment against Well-Architected best practices and helps you to identify areas of improvement.

Well-Architected Review

  • Free* half day Well-Architected Review guided through our Cloud Architect
  • Get a detailed report and a plan with actionable recommendations based on the Well-Architected Framework 
  • Engage with us to implement changes (based on a separate statement of work) 
  • AWS Credit Voucher**  


  • Evaluate your environment against best practices 
  • Get detailed report and actionable recommendations
  • Independent Assessment on the state and risk exposure of your workload 
  • Identify areas you need to address urgently to close security gaps, eliminate waste, and improve performance
  • Initiate the conversation with your key business stakeholders and find out how modern infrastructure can give you a competitive advantage 

* For qualified organisations

** Applied to qualified projects, for AWS clients who start remediation within 30 days after delivery of the Well-Architected Review


The Well-Architected Review (WAR) for our AWS infrastructure deploying our medical imaging and support services for Orthopaedic surgery has led to significant results in terms of security and cost reduction.


Julien von Siebenthal, Co-founder, CEO, SeedIMPULSE SA


Schedule your Well-Architected Review now!

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