Well-Architected Reviews by Swisscom

Review your cloud workloads and align with best practices

Is your cloud infrastructure set up properly?

The Well-Architected Framework consists of 5 pillars and documents a set of foundational questions that helps you understand whether a specific architecture aligns well with cloud best practices.

Operational Excellence

Running and monitoring systems


Protecting information and systems and assets


Prevent and quickly recover from failures

Performance Efficiency

Using IT and computing resources efficiently



Avoid or eliminate unnecessary costs 

These are your advantages

A certified cloud architect evaluates your environment along Well-Architected best practices and helps you identify
areas of improvement.

Well-Architected Review

  • Free* half day Well-Architected Review by our Cloud Architect.
  • Get a detailed report and a plan with actionable recommendations based on the Well-Architected Framework.
  • Get in touch with us to implement changes (based on a separate statement of work).
  • AWS Service Credit Voucher**

*For qualified organisations

** Special conditions apply


  • Evaluate your environment against best practices 
  • Get a detailed report and actionable recommendations
  • Independent Assessment on the state and risk exposure of your workload 
  • Identify areas you need to address urgently to close security gaps, eliminate waste, and improve performance
  • Initiate the conversation with your key business stakeholders and explore how modern infrastructure can give you a competitive advantage

What our customers say

Cloud Transformation

Well-Architected Reviews completed

  • Bruker

    Product Owner

    «We are very pleased with the results of the Well-Architected Review conducted by Swisscom. It helped us to significantly improve our workload. Together with their cloud architects we were able to create a strategy to make the IoT application more robust and better plan future developments.»

  • marcdätwyler

    adfocus GmbH

    Marc Dätwyler
    CTO adfocus

    “The Well-Architected Review and Database Migration with Swisscom enhanced many aspects, especially its performance and reliability. We significantly improved resilience through high-availability and disaster recovery and significantly improved the performance for our users!”

  • DroneAnalytics

    Yves Juso
    Co-founder & CEO

    «Our AWS infrastructure has benefited from the Well-Architected Review to enable us to proper monitor the use of the AWS services. The process is particularly clear and detailed and has provided an overview of architecture, security, operations and cost management. It has helped us improve deployments on our servers as well as optimize costs.»

Our customers: